Cups Of Tea 11/14 – 11/20

Nov 21, 2010

Good day. The great comforts that come with an elderly fall Sunday, so cozy, guilt-free and full of possibility.

In this week’s Cups of Tea, you’ll find two posts that display some gorgeous interior design that beg to be enjoyed, a simple, yet no doubt delicious antipasti dish and something to contemplate when it comes to appreciate and making the most of the here and now.  I do hope you enjoy.  I’m off to grab my cup of tea and savor my Sunday, won’t you join me?

1. Vintage Luxury

Eleni, author of My Paradissi, shared a handful of images that reveal an interior design theme of vintage luxury, and I found there to be something fascinating about each of the photographs.  As she states in her post, the rustic edge to each of the photos casts a tone of attitude, and I couldn’t agree more.


2. Simply Delicious

A little twist on one of my favorite salads – Caprese salad – was something I recently came across on the aesthetically pleasing and always delectable food blog Sunday Suppers. There I found a recipe for Antipasti: Roasted Peppers With Boccaccini And Grape Tomatoes. I do believe this will be another recipe to try.


3. Embrace What Is

DeeAnne of Live Charmed  repeatedly inspires me with her posts and this particular one was no different. While I am a dreamer, with ideas constantly popping about in my head, I have to be reminded to savor the here and now and this particular post did just that.  Thank you DeeAnne.


4. Holiday Getaway

I don’t know if it was the fact that I found this post by Arianna of Arianna Interiors on Friday with the weekend right around the corner, or the realization that winter and the holidays are rapidly approaching, but either way, this alpine resort in Megeve, France is quite inviting, if I do say so. Take a look at the Alpaga Hotel by clicking on the header or the image below.


5. Find Your Passion

When I came across this quote recently on Cara’s blog Lilac and Grey, it really struck a cord. You know, I think Donald Trump might have just said something I really agree with.  Have look and see if you too concur.

“If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable.”

Donald Trump

Images: (1) We Heart It

5 thoughts on “Cups Of Tea 11/14 – 11/20

  1. Loved sharing a cup of tea with you today. I checked out several of your links – all fun. And love the shot with the tufted blue velvet chair – if that is indeed your office, it looks like a lovely inspiring space – perfectly and simply luxurious!

  2. Thank you for the cups of tea, Shannon. They’re so lovely to have at the end of a very busy weekend. I’d love to escape to the Alpaga Hotel right this instant!

    Love the new look. Sorry if I’m late seeing it. I haven’t been around much lately.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. As dramatic and exciting as high ceilings can be, there’s something about really low ones, especially with interesting details,like the image you’ve chosen above, that is so cozy & inviting.

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