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Oct 12, 2010

For this week’s Tuesday’s Rooms of Inspiration, Sarah of the gorgeous blog Haute Design graciously stepped in, and I must say she has some ideas that I will be taking to heart as well for my own home.  An exquisite eye for design in both decor and fashion, Haute Design is a must-see for continual inspiration.  Thank you so much Sarah for sharing today on The Simply Luxurious Life.

Hello, this is Sarah from Haute Design. I am honored to be filling in today for the lovely Shannon, sharing one of my recent favorite decorating ideas…

An idea: use your treasured collectibles together to create a chic look on top of your mantle. There are a variety of different possibilities: tea cups, vintage, clear glass vases, milk glass, clocks, lanterns, candleholders, glass beverage containers, really, the possibilities are endless.

A Tip: variety in size, shape, depth, and texture is key to creating this look.

I first came across this beautiful mantle (image 03) that was done by Carolyn Quartermaine, which inspired many ideas—in fact, we did an entire vintage black glass mantle, using vases, cups, bowls, pots, and even candleholders, for variety. This bold look can easily transition from Summer to Fall and through winter quite nicely, simply by making a statement with what you add. Soft pink and white roses might be lovely and for Spring and Summer, but perhaps replaced by moss for a fresh, clean look for Fall. You might add small pumpkins in mid–Fall with leaves, and perhaps fresh green and other trinkets for Christmas.

These pieces can become a basis for more whimsical accessories, and allow for different feels, simply by adding or subtracting little details. Having fun and being a little adventurous is the key!

Image 01: Desire to Inspire Image 02: This Is Glamorous Image 03: Jamaica Byles Image 04: Country Living

13 thoughts on “Display Your Collectibles via Haute Design

  1. wow these pictures are sooo pretty! the second picture… i’ve never ever seen hardwood flooring in that pattern before where it goes back and forth? is that true wood or faux look-a-like? anyways gorgeous decorations- a true inspiration! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. These are some great collectables. I really want to get a more vintage style in my house. It’s pretty old already, I pulled up some of the carpet and there was hardwood underneath! I am planning on sanding it down and polishing it when it gets warmer.

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