Jenna Lyons Townhouse Reportedly Sold

Jenna Lyon’s expert eye in the world of fashion is something that I continue to be impressed with, and while I have shown images of her former home in Brooklyn, with the announcement of it being sold recently, images are surfacing that I hadn’t seen before.

Having purchased the Brooklyn Park Slope Townhouse with her former husband Vincent Mazeau for $1.3 million in 2004, it is being reported that while they were asking $3.75 million, they sold it for $4 million to a couple named Vincent and Tracy Martin. And where might Jenna now be living, many may be wondering? Well, her new address is listed as being in the Tribeca area.

Have a look at the many images of this townhouse decorated by Jenna Lyons herself (no decorator was commissioned as she proudly  reminds us.)

All images via Fashionologie


  1. Anonymous says:

    Stunning!! I could so live there! :-) The only thing I wasn’t in love with was the yellow stripped ceiling. Everything else… divine!

    Thanks for posting! Valorie

  2. Wow………….absolutely stunning! Lucky couple who purchsed this amazing townhouse.

  3. This is so beautiful! Gorgeous place! I would have purchased this house myself.

  4. I love her house I want one LOL

  5. That’s a pretty decent closet. I almost imagine Carrie Bradshaw walking in there! (;^)

  6. Sweet …is it Tracie Martyn the skincare expert that got to buy this gem?

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