Style Inspiration: Flats, Scarves & Classic Chic

Even though most Parisians are on holiday during the month of August, I still am enjoying the habit of scanning the cobbled streets for style inspiration. While sitting with Aisling, author and founder of the Parisian lifestyle/travel blog Tresor Parisien, at Cafe de Flore yesterday morning, she noted one of the many reasons she enjoys the locale which was the parade of fashion that strolls by as customers sip their morning caffeine. I must say I enjoying the chic ensembles and quiet confidence of the women (and men) as they passed.
With that said, today’s Style Inspiration is full of ideas gleaned from the few days I have been in Paris when it comes to classic chic style – choose the ballet flats (save the heels), when in doubt, where a scarf, and opt for classic color combinations. Have a look . . .

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  1. Love this post; reminds me of our morning yesterday! Hope you manage to get a bit of shopping in today! A bientot. Aisling

  2. Parisian look seems so effortless, but it’s so hard to achieve! I always wonder what the secret it!

    • La Francaise says:

      There isn’t any great mystery, Azrukun. I’m French and live and work in Paris. As a full-time doctor in a busy hospital, a wife, and mother to two teenage sons, I need to be disciplined about my appearance. I pull it off by having a small (by US standards) wardrobe of carefully chosen basics (my golden rule is to buy the best quality I can afford, even if it means having less, and always ask myself if a new purchase will work with items I already own to give at least two new combinations. If the answer is ‘No’, it stays in the shop!)

      Another time-saving trick is low-maintenance morning beauty routines. We spend a lot of time on nightly skin care, and have our hair cut at least every six weeks which means a well-cut bob, or a chic chignon and minimal make-up is the norm, as are short well-buffed nails (far more attractive than chipped nail polish, non?). After a morning shower, it takes about 10 minutes to slip into a Breton top, white jeans, ballet flats, a slick of tinted moisturizer, mascara, lipgloss, and ALWAYS a spritz of perfume. We Parisiennes wouldn’t dream of nipping out at 6.00am for croissants without making that small effort. Sweatshirts and trainers are totally alien to us, as is unkempt hair and a blotchy face. It’s a question of priorities rather than ‘secrets’! 🙂

    • I so appreciate your comment. I re-read it just to make sure it sank in. Merci, merci, merci!

  3. Love these!

  4. Leanne Maguire says:

    These photo’s are so french chic… it :))
    Many thanks for the great inspiration.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all your great posts and inspirations. ALso, thanks for committing and posting daily – so many blogs take weeks to post and I look so forward to seeing what you have decided to focus on each day!

  6. I adore this post. You always have my favorite inspiration photos. I kind of want to go to Paris with you too!

  7. Lovely Shannon, hope you are truly enjoying your trip!

  8. These posts are always such an inspiration, dear! Thank you so much!


  9. Hi Shannon,welcome back,glad you had a good trip,could,nt wait to
    open your newsletter this morning while having my tea.Gorgeous fashion post as always.Gives you some lovely ideas,so stylish and chic.Thanks once again.


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