Style Inspiration: Paris FW & Layers of Fall

Paris Fashion Week during the first weeks of fall beckons soft layers, signature styles, unexpected, but beautiful color combinations, and Anna Wintour trading in her pumps for heeled boots. Captured from the streets, I’ve gathered together a handful of images taken during the last of the four major fashion weeks, as well as images to inspire you as you pull together fall wardrobe ideas. From scarves, to sweaters, to leather and leopard. Enjoy perusing . . .


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  1. that yellow coat is amazing!!

  2. Lovely Shannon, might just be one of my favorite style inspiration posts you have put together.

  3. I agree with Carrie. I wish I knew where to get my hands on some of these pieces!! Thanks for e inspiration.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if you routinely include non-skinny people in your pictures, but it was a pleasure to see a stylish, non-skinny person in the pictures. Non-skinny people can be stylish too.

  5. I see pointed heels and pop of colors are all over still.. great inspiration…

  6. Beautiful looks! I tried to compile a list in my head of which ones were my favorite…but it’s pretty much all of them lol. Thank you for sharing these inspiring outfits. <3


  7. I have some SERIOUS grabby hands for that Chloe bag… And that whole outfit with the crimson trousers and layers up top… It makes me itch to go to Paris… Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer… Whenever! I just need to go back! So inspirational!

    XO Lucy

  8. Just not getting this (probably me!) much prefer your inherent good taste to the “new shiny stuff”

  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the comment about the “non-skinny” lady, such a pleasure to see in a fashion post!

  10. I saved a few of these pics, great looks and I love the striped sweater in the first. Sweaters are all over my radar right now!!

  11. So good to see a normal sized model in this post wearing stylish clothing!

  12. Oooh love the dark red leather skirt and knit combo, gorgeous! Congrats on making LALM this week x

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