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Casual, yet chic. I love to dress up, but I tend to enjoy those casual occasions that allow me to play with the more basic elements that can lend themselves, when handled correctly, to create an outfit that speaks of the individual wearing the clothing but can work well for so many different occasions.

Today’s Style Inspiration is full of denim, blazers, cashmere and easy style ideas. Enjoy and happy shopping! (For more outfit ideas, check out my Pinterest page focused entirely on outfit inspiration – click here to view.)


  1. These are some great outfits!! I absolutely love those yellow pants with the polka dots. I need to find me a pair ASAP:)

  2. What great outfits! I love the fun play suit and pink jumper / dark nails combo. This is definitely my favourite style – casual but chic. I’m going to hop over and take a look at your Pinterest board now!

  3. I love your picks every week! I’m dying over that orange sweater and all of this cashmere!

  4. I just found your blog! I’m loving your style! I’ll def be back! xoxo A-

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Style Inspiration

Pants, heels, legs and tights. Show them off, wear well tailored jeans and have fun shopping for the perfect heels.


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  1. Lovely post!!1 I looove this photos!!!

  2. Happy Holidays to you my lovely;-)

  3. Beautiful, as usual! I wish I could wear all those shoes!

  4. great inspirations! thanks a lot for that!
    xxx Anita

  5. Amaaaazing fashion today. My goodness; I’m inspired.

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Style Inspiration

And the month of fashion continues  . . .

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  1. I love Karlie Kloss! Though she looks a little tired in this photo – must be all those late-night fashion parties and rushing between shows!

  2. awesome!
    i really love the wedges

  3. Most of these are really gorgeous except for the first shot. That skirt is horrendous. Never would I wear one like that!

  4. Your take on fashion is always so spot on beautiful and chic. Love your eye!

  5. I love those studded Valentino shoes. I know I’ve completely missed out in getting them unless I happen to snap an invite to the private sale this Fall. Crossing my fingers!

    xox Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris

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