The Weekend . . .

Apr 12, 2013

Arrange a simple bouquet of tulips, give me a book that piques my curiosity and let me lounge for the two days the weekend provides.

I can’t express fully enough how ecstatic I am to see the weekend arrive. Busy living a life of one’s dreams still requires of the dreamer time to rest, and I plan on partaking in this necessity tout de suit! So as always and especially, I would love to hear about your weekend plans if you’d like to share.

And in case you have been busy these past few days without time to stop by, here is a look back on the past week on the blog . . .

~The Difference Between Pleasure and Joy . . . an important difference to understand as you build your life of fulfillment and contentment

~Splurge & Save Outfit: No. 2 . . . DVF is having a wonderful sale!

~Style Inspiration: Parisian Spring Style . . . to be in Paris in the spring, but if you can’t live vicariously through your wardrobe.

~This & That: No. 53 . . . a French lifestyle blog to fall in love with, Miu Miu heels on a deep discount and food and drink ideas and inspiration as well.

~Why Not . . . Wear Rain Boots? . . . an extra dose of style inspiration for spring!

~A Simple Decor Idea: Shape & Color . . . the four part series wraps up with a glimpse into my boudoir.

~10 Reasons I Loved Portland So Far . . . it was a busy weekend and I have so much I want to share!

And this week’s newsletter – issue #144 – click here to read.

Have a lovely weekend, and thank you very much for stopping by. Until Monday, bonjour.


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The Weekend . . .

Oct 12, 2012

I couldn’t agree more with the above quote. Living a life that is void of regrets is one that asks of us all to listen to that voice inside, respect that voice inside and respect those yearnings that keep calling our name, demanding ever so subtly, yet persistently to be heard. The uncertainty of life can be daunting, but if we’re paying attention, if we’re clear about what our values are, when opportunities and chances present themselves, we should trust ourselves to leap.  So in following this advice, I am hopping on a plane this weekend to meet up with a handful of other bloggers in another part of the country regarding an event that I will share more about upon my return. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter to catch a few sneak peaks.

This past week on the blog, posts covered inspiration on how to stand strong and let go of what others’ judgment, ideas to revamp your kitchen without hiring a contractor and style inspiration revolving around a basic essential color. Have a look . . .

~Style Inspiration: Basic Black

~Why Not . . . Use Simple Changes to Transform Your Kitchen?

~This & That: No. 28 . . . a must-see movie premiering tonight, a beautiful holiday stress, a new cookbook that is sure to satiate your appetite and more.

~Want & Have Outfit: No. 4 . . . an example of my weekend uniform for fall

~The most popular post of the week . . . How to Let Go of What Other People Think (6 Tips)

And this week’s newsletter – issue #120 – click here to read.

With the forecasters suggesting that rain is finally on the way, I most certainly am looking forward to some much needed moisture and even more excuses to cozy up either at home, in a restaurant with fellow inspired writers/bloggers or en route with my favorite hot cup of tea and an intriguing podcast to wrap my mind around. I want to wish you a wonderful weekend, and thank you for taking some time out of your day to stop by The Simply Luxurious Life.  Until Monday, bonjour.


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