The Weekend . . .

Oct 25, 2013



~click here for this Earl Grey Caramel Chocolate tart recipe~ 

With last weekend taking me to Portland to tend to some must needed updates in my work and personal life and my need to get my home winterized before the first freeze that is supposed to take place next week, I must have forgotten to rest up because by the middle of the week I found myself with a cold that is hanging on for far longer than I would prefer. Needless to say, my body needs to rest, so I will be taking it easy this weekend. Perhaps indulging in a luxurious cup of Colville Street Patisserie‘s hot chocolate, losing time reading my stack of books and magazines that I can’t seem to get caught up on or catching a nap when the urge strikes.  Either way, the weekend will be restful and restorative.

Hopefully, you are healthy and gearing up for a fun and playful weekend. Wherever it may take you, I hope you have a wonderful few days. I can’t thank you enough for your time in choosing to stop by the TSLL. Also, I want to thank the readers who stopped by this week on Facebook to share their tips and ideas on the weekly discussion question inspired by this Wednesday’s Why Not . . . ? Be sure to take a look here

In case you missed anything on the blog this past week, here is a look back . . . 

~Readers’ favorite post of the week . . . Why Not . . . Keep it Simple in the Kitchen?

~Style Inspiration: Blue Fall Days . . . denim, cobalt and pastel blue

~Splurge & Save Outfit: No 30 . . . a trench for fall, and a chic one at a great price . . .

~This & That: No. 81 . . . a play to see if in New York, a chic bar chart for the holidays and more

~The Gift of Starting Over . . . often forgotten, but an amazing opportunity in disguise

And at a look at this week’s newsletter – issue #170 – click here to read. 

Until Monday, bonjour!

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The Weekend . . .

Jan 25, 2013

Aw yes, the weekend has arrived. The last weekend of January. Can you believe it? Soon peonies will be available at our local farmers’ markets and I, for one, cannot wait. Okay, that’s still three months away, but still . . . something to look forward to.

Yesterday found me home as school was cancelled due to a sheet of ice blanketing the area, so I was enthralled with a list of projects – small, but pleasure-filled. And since much of my to-do list for Saturday was cleared, I am very much looking forward to the weekend so that I can read, read and read a bit more. Much like the quote above, reading is my energy source and without it, I wouldn’t want to know what I might have missed. Ideas spring up and dreams awaken as I find a myriad of ideas and ways to continually mold life into my very own piece of art.

Speaking of art, the spring couture shows took place this week in Paris and the runways were full of fashionable masterpieces. Be sure to visit my pinterest board to see some of my favorite designs.

As for this past week on the blog, some inspiration, fashion from the Inauguration, a simple ritual you might want to add to your daily routine and of course a touch of fashion . . .

~the most popular post of the week . . . Exactly What Does Inner Beauty Look Like?

~Want & Have Outfit: No. 18 . . . how to style your new leopard loafers

~Style Inspiration: Black, White & Belts

~First Lady’s 2nd Inaugural Style – Updated! . . . all the details

~This & That: No. 42 . . . my new favorite dishes on sale, a jacket to love, a show to enjoy and more

~Why Not . . . Journal Regularly?

~Bloglovin’ & TSLL! . . . a new place to find and read the blog

And this week’s newsletter – issue #133 – click here to read.

Hopefully the sun is shining wherever you are so that you can wrap up January on a wonderful note. Until Monday, bonjour.

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  1. Oh my god so lovely! I clicked to open this email, gasped at the beauty and how luxurious and indulgent the photo’s and words were as contrasted to the horror and anxiety of my day, Pinned two photo’s, and I swear my shoulders relaxed a little. OK – back to work, just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!

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