Good food and good-for-you food need not be complicated or expensive. Patricia Wells' Chilled Cucumber Soup exemplifies this truth to a "T". Last summer while attending her week-long cooking class in Provence, one of the many soups we enjoyed was the Crème de Concombre à L'Anethe et à la Menthe (Chilled Cucumber and Yogurt Soup with Read More
Monday June 17, 2019


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A luxury in any home is having a master en suite, but perhaps, it is not a luxury. Perhaps, no matter how small the home, so long as a powder room is available for guests, having a master suite for the owners of the home is a necessity. After all, having your own private bathroom... Read More
Thursday June 13, 2019
The BBC recently reported that gardening could be the hobby that increases our longevity well into our later years. Dan Buettner, author of the The Blue Zones and Happiness, found an interesting commonality between the five zones that are known for citizens living well and long into their ninth or tenth decade and beyond -... Read More
Wednesday June 12, 2019

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Croissants and France. It is nearly impossible to think about one without thinking about the other. And while the history of where the croissant originated is debatable (did it actually originate in Austria in the 17th century?), the understood and agreed upon truth is that a croissant is absolutely scrumptious and made with ample amounts... Read More
Monday April 15, 2019

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Colefax & Fowler. If you know design or if you are British or if you love history and decor, it is highly likely you know of the design house - Colefax & Fowler. Founded in the 1930s, the longest established interior decorating firm in Great Britain, they have decorated primarily private residences for royalty, rock stars... Read More
Thursday June 06, 2019
“In Summer there were white and damask roses, and the smell of thyme and musk. In Spring there were green gooseberries and throstles [thrush], and the flowers they call ceninen [daffodils]. And leeks and cabbages also grew in that garden; and between long straight alleys, and apple-trained espaliers, there were beds of strawberries, and mint,... Read More
Sunday May 26, 2019
A simple print blouse, either made of silk, cotton or a lovely fabric that drapes naturally over the silhouette enables the wearer to adorn themselves with fewer accessories. Amour Vert's sustainable fashion collection sells simple, eye-catching prints that can be easily layered under a blazer, cardigan, or jacket, or worn as the statement piece itself Read More
Tuesday June 11, 2019
Beauty —Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray Currently on my desk in my office and on my desk in my classroom is Grace & Stella's Rose Facial Spray. A refreshing spritz at different times throughout the day is all I do, and this bottle will last for seemingly ever. I use it to keep my face moisturized, Read More
Friday June 07, 2019
~Gül Hürgel Striped Linen and Cotton-blend midi dress (red in short-sleeves as well)~ ~Vince Edris flat sandals or Sézane low Ella sandals~ ~Rebecca Minkoff Stella Large tote, grey (other colors available)~ ~A Year in Paris: Season by Season in the City of Light by John Baxter (February 2019)~ ~Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40 For Read More
Thursday June 06, 2019
Pointed toe pumps are a classic go-to in my wardrobe with nude and black needing to always be at the ready, but it wasn't until this year that I welcomed a pair of white leather pointed toe pumps into the closet. I quickly realized how frequently I could wear them as spring arrived and into the Read More
Tuesday June 04, 2019
Books —The Importance of Living by Lin Yutange While this book was released late in the 20th century, it is a book to take a look at for its focus on appreciating the simple pleasures of life, slowing down and being fully present. —Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein David Epstein's new book Read More
Friday May 31, 2019
~Cuyana wrap maxi dress (more colors)~ ~Tropezienne sandals (more colors), made in France (I have a pair and love them and live in them during the summer months)~ ~Faliero Sarti floral print scarf~ ~Viviet Margot French Weekend Market Basket~ ~Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (a memoir) by Lori Gotlieb~ ~SHOP THE OUTFIT: Read More
Thursday May 30, 2019
~Water Lilies at The Oregon Garden~ May. You are continually making a strong case for being one of the most lovely months of the year. Case in point, all of the many wonderful moments that made me smile during the past few weeks. And! The month isn't quite over yet. Who knows how many more smiles Read More
Wednesday May 29, 2019