"To connect our controlled, interior lives with that of the great outdoors. To remind us that spring will come after winter again and again and again. I think that is why I like flowers in the house so much. They are a gentle reminder that there are things much larger than my own finite life Read More
Monday May 20, 2019
~La Ligne Bonne Nuit 100% cotton pajamas (more colors)~ ~Patricia Green Greenwich slippers (more colors)~ ~Maison Balzac La Plage candle (more scents)~ ~Claude & Camille: A Novel of Monet by Stephanie Cowell ~Rifle Herb Garden Slim Notebook, limited edition~ ~Berry & Thread Footed Goblet, clear~ SHOP THE OUTFIT: ... Read More
Thursday May 16, 2019
~Royal Albert Hall~ Is it possible for Mother Nature to be so in tune with the going-ons of TSLL that she would turn the rain on in celebration of the commencement of British Week? ;) I kid completely, but it was a joy to wake up to a gentle rain falling on the yard and porch... Read More
Sunday May 19, 2019
Wednesday May 15, 2019

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Let's travel around the country and the world to discover a glimpse of how TSLL readers live simply luxuriously! Last month when TSLL's 2nd book was released, I invited readers to share a pic of their copy, and as you will see, each reader shares a unique moment of their very own to savor. From moments... Read More
Sunday December 30, 2018

Weekly Finds

May 1st A day celebrated around the globe as May Day, but as well to many countries (France and Britain included) as Labor Day, as well as International Workers' Day. But we cannot forget that it is also the day to celebrate the exchanging of the Lily of the Valley bloom in France. Lily of... Read More
Wednesday May 01, 2019
Croissants and France. It is nearly impossible to think about one without thinking about the other. And while the history of where the croissant originated is debatable (did it actually originate in Austria in the 17th century?), the understood and agreed upon truth is that a croissant is absolutely scrumptious and made with ample amounts... Read More
Monday April 15, 2019
~Scroll to the bottom of the post for a round-up of all of the posts shared thus far during British Week~ I can remember the first time I enjoyed a high tea. The first time I heard over the speaker while navigating the Tube in London, "Mind the Gap". The first time my very own eyes Read More
Sunday May 19, 2019
One magazine I have been subscribing to since well before I moved to Bend, so over 10 years ago, was The English Home. To receive each of the six issues every time they arrive in my mailbox throughout the year was to slip away into comfort, cozy (or should I say cosy 😉), history, beauty Read More
Sunday May 19, 2019
Cookbook —Modern Lunch: +100 Recipes for Assembling the New Midday Meal by Allison Day With plant-forward recipes from the blogger behind Yummy Beat, discover new, inpired ways to update your lunch. Inspired by the seasonal fare and her travels around the globe, discover simple, delicious and healthy recipes to add to your midday eating repertoire. —Where Cooking Read More
Friday May 17, 2019
I couldn't help but let my jaw drop when I saw Ellen Pompeo's recent spotlight of her copper collection in Veranda. Copper pans may appear tedious to keep polished, but they are a joy in the kitchen (read a detailed post from the archives on copper). Both functional and beautiful to display in the kitchen, Read More
Thursday May 16, 2019
~Monique lightweight linen dress in black (white also available)~ When it comes to summer attire choices, I opt for ease and gravitate toward ease that also encompasses style. In my wardrobe each year, it includes more and more dresses, and most likely midi length dresses, often made of linen. Reformation is a worthwhile online shopping site Read More
Tuesday May 14, 2019
"Maybe I don't have to be brave all the time. Maybe I just need to be brave for a little while at the right time." —Kobi Yamada, author of What Do You Do with a Chance? What if taking the chance that you secretly wish would work out was simply a matter of believing that Read More
Monday May 13, 2019
Books —The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates I happened upon an interview with Melinda Gates this past week when she sat down with Judy Woodrow of PBS Newshour, and I appreciated her candid conversation about her own realizations she confronted about equality in her own marriage. Her over-arching message that Read More
Friday May 10, 2019