Two Weekend Sales on Current Collections to Stock Your Capsule Wardrobe

Two sales are taking place – one will last this weekend, and the other begins this weekend with exclusive access that will open up to all shoppers next week: L.K. Bennett and Net-a-Porter. Each sale is making available the current spring collections (L.K. Bennett the entire site) inclusive in the sale. L.K. Bennett’s sale – […]

32: The French Capsule Wardrobe: the 14 essentials

Let’s escape to France for a moment, at least for the duration of today’s episode. 🙂 Today’s episode is a re-airing of one of, if not the top downloaded, read and listened to episodes if including YouTube and Pinterest. More new readers learn of TSLL blog and the podcast through this episode than any other […]

My Fall Capsule Wardrobe and How to Create Your Own: My Appearance on AM Northwest

The fall fashion season is just about to begin, and fine-tuning or beginning to curate your own capsule wardrobe is a wonderful way of welcoming the season as a means to simplify your everyday routine, bolster your confidence and in the long run, save your pennies. This morning I was invited to be a guest […]

Update the Capsule Wardrobe with Designer Staples

Let the amazing sales of top designer clothing begin! Net-a-Porter’s semi-annual sale just began this morning with clothing, accessories, shoes and bag reduced up to 50% off. The reductions will continue to climb over the next few weeks, but be assured, the stock will be plummeting quickly. Above are a few items I have hand-selected, […]

42: Why Not . . . Create a Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe?

“Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour.” –Alice Temperley The Simple Sophisticate, episode #42 Much like the director of a film, conductor of an orchestra or foundation of a house, in […]

Why Not . . . Create a Special Occasions Capsule Wardrobe?

I have spoken for quite some time about the benefits of creating a capsule wardrobe. Not only does simplifying our wardrobes to 10-15 times make it easier when it comes to making decisions, but when we invest in quality, timeless pieces, we create a peace of mind each time we pull together an outfit knowing […]

Why Not . . . Build a Capsule Wardrobe on A Budget?

Thankfully, many people assume wrongly that one must have endless cash on hand to build a spectacular classically chic wardrobe. Why is this good news? Because when we feel confident about how we look, our mood is elevated, and when our mood improves, so does the environment around us. The key to creating a chic […]

Why Not . . . Build a Capsule Swimwear Wardrobe?

With warmer days becoming more common and fewer nights with the temperatures dropping below freezing, the change of seasons indicates a change in what we choose to wear as well. Which means, swimsuit season is nearly upon us, but no longer does this realization have to strike fear or cause us to refuse to update […]

Why Not . . . Create a Beauty Capsule Shopping Routine?

The goal of any routine that we consciously adhere to and choose to keep in our lives is to simplify the rest of our lives and free up energy to focus on those events, activities, people and projects that need our mind’s full attention, functioning at its optimum level. As was shared in episode #110 […]

Savvy Wardrobe Shopping: Planning and Prepping for Sales

Every weekend and on certain random weekdays as the holidays inch closer, more and more online sites are teasing shoppers with sales. In fact yesterday, Banana Republic was offering a flat 40% off your entire cart with the promo code STYLE (through midnight of October 29th), a one day only pop-up sale.  Not one to […]

Summer Shoe Capsule for Provence Traveling

The last pair of flat sandals I purchased are now nearing eight years old. And while I love them, they have been loved nearly to death. Many of my other summer shoes are well-worn and a testament to what I recently recognized: I haven’t shopped for this part of my wardrobe in quite some time. […]

My Spring Capsule Menu Shared on AMNorthwest

The picture above truly shares my thrill of being on the air with Helen Raptis, the host of Portland’s longest running talk show, AM Northwest. She makes her guests feel as though they are just in a conversation with her and her curiosities and comments are honest. In the moment shown above, I have just […]

180: 10 Tips for Smart Wardrobe Shopping

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #180 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio The year 2017 has been dedicated to living a year of quality here on TSLL. While at the core of living simply luxuriously is to focus on quality rather than quantity, I wanted to take time each month this year to focus on one aspect in […]

My Go-To Wardrobe Items On Sale: Shopbop’s Big Event

I always have a list, either on my phone or in my planner (view the Capsule Wardrobe Planning Page), of items I am on the look-out for to add or update my Capsule Wardrobe. Recently I just saved 20% on an Equipment silk Adalyn blouse that has had my eye for awhile, and it was […]

172: How to Refine Your Style: In Your Wardrobe & Life

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #172 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio “For me, style is zee whole package: how you dress, talk, move and behave. It all goes together into that first-impression equation. It shouldn’t be confused with chic; an extremely chic or well-dressed woman may have zero sense of style. Style is definitely more about who […]

Three New Wardrobe Staples I Am Loving

I have learned that having a list of what I need year-round, and what I need to replace is the most successful approach to shopping sales which seem to be in abundance at the moment. The three items above I recently purchased, all are under $110 each, but not all were on sale. Which leads […]

Diane Lane’s Wardrobe (and camera!) in Paris Can Wait

  Paris Can Wait is a feast for the eyes not only due to its geographic location set in the South of France and the exiqsuite teasing of the taste buds, but the sartorial selections as well.  After sharing my review of Eleanor Coppola’s film starring Diane Lane yesterday (the Petit Plaisir of this week’s […]

Staples for the Spring Wardrobe: TSLL Boutique Additions!

A well curated capsule wardrobe takes time, as we all know. It also requires of each of us to visit multiple shops, boutiques, fashion blogs, websites and flip through different magazines. But what if you could find the basics, the classics, the always-going-want-to-have-staples in one location, season after season? TSLL Capsule Wardrobe Boutique (located in […]

A Capsule Menu: What It Is and How to Create Your Own

A full life, a life of contentment balanced with continual opportunities for growth and the ability to reach the goals we set for ourselves inevitably requires us to eat well. And as we balance our work and personal lives, finding time to go to the market, pick up the necessary ingredients and cook delicious, healthy […]

Why Not . . . Build a Versatile Wardrobe?

Yesterday afternoon, I returned from a day of teaching having worn a navy DVF tunic over dark denim skinny jeans finished with nude pumps. It was a simple outfit that was comfortable and appropriate; however, when I arrived home, I quickly slipped off my heels and swapped the tunic for a simple boatneck cotton long sleeve […]

Why Not . . . Spruce Up Your Spring Wardrobe?

When spring begins to show its warmth and the perennials dare to reveal the beauty we’ve patiently waited to see after a long winter, my attention turns to many things, but my wardrobe always gets my attention as well. How can I spruce it up? What do I need? How has my style evolved? Forever […]

3: 10 Essential Wardrobe Items – Updated

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #3 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | YouTube ~Listen to the episode here. Each woman has a signature style that makes her feel her best and highlights her body beautifully allowing her to exude confidence wherever her schedule takes her. In this week’s podcast (#3), discover the 10 Wardrobe Essentials that will help […]

Turn Your Wardrobe into a Wearable Magnum Opus

With street style bloggers becoming the new darlings of fashion advertisement and the latest trends becoming available hours after they walk down the runway thanks to sites such as Moda Operandi, seasonal trends are old before they are even new. However, believe it or not, the current evolution of fashion and where trends come from […]

277: Winter in Paris — The 15 Essentials for Timeless Seasonal Style

Last fall two episodes were shared delineating ideas for a timeless capsule wardrobe for traveling about in Paris as well as in London and the English countryside. As promised, the series continues into winter, and while we are nearing the end of winter, with the Paris fall/winter collections about ready to take the runway sharing […]