Top 5 Decor Inspiration Posts of 2019

I feel a bit of a novice as I begin my decorating journey with a new palette, but I must admit, I am eager to learn. Pouring through the inspiration that has been gathered here on the blog over the past 10 years has revealed an English as well as French country along with a […]

Parisian Tastemakers & Decor Inspiration for a Touch of Flair

Decorating our homes takes time, and knowing which signature touches to add also requires time, but often, once we know ourselves well, we simply struggle to find how to communicate a touch of personal flair without overwhelming the space. Recently Catherine Synave released a Parisian decor inspired book Parisian Tastemakers: Tastemakers at Home. Inside, she […]

English Decor Inspiration: Cosy & Signature

Thoughtful, careful touches, from the textured lined staircase, antique console, pendant lighting to prompt a forever upward gaze, bistro chairs in the dining room, walls painted with a touch of gloss, chevron floors throughout and a soaking tub set atop a slab of marble. Oh, and the terrace which beckons to be enjoyed whenever the […]

Top 10 Decor Inspiration Posts of 2018

Daring to dream is never a bad dare to accept. After all, what we experience in our day-to-day lives, during our travels and while perusing through favorite abode magazines, blogs and books is a navigation of discovering what speaks to us, what makes us feel at home and an understanding of what we can appreciate […]

Top 5 Decor Inspiration Posts of 2017

To dream, to dream, and someday to create a space to revel and dance about in. The weekly Decor Inspiration post, which is shared each Thursday, is a destination for inspiration to curate our sanctuaries. Even if we may desire the country, and the home in in the images is found in the city, or […]

Top Decor Inspiration posts from 2016

No matter where or what style of home we call our sanctuary, ideas abound everywhere we look to see how someone else has adorned their home and welcome into our own space those ideas that resonate with us. We may or not be able to afford a country cottage as the one in England above, […]

Decor Inspiration: A Petite Charmer

A small space can be an amazing space when the details are carefully tended to. New York interior designer Peyton Cochran recently won Connecticut Cottages & Gardens magazine’s top design for small spaces with the conversion of her bachelor godfather’s garage into an inviting entertainment space. Notice the use of the high ceilings, the windows […]

Decor Inspiration: Marisa Tomei’s Manhattan Apartment of Her Dreams

Being offered what she called, a winning lottery ticket, actress Marisa Tomei through much patience, came to realize the dream apartment she had always wished for located in the city where dreams can reach great heights. In Elle Decor‘s March 2016 issue, Tomei’s renovation, which involved capitalizing on purchasing her neighbor’s apartment and expanding her […]

Decor Inspiration: Royal Living in Saint Germain-des-Prés

The library alone in this Saint Germain-des-Prés apartment on Rue de Varennes III would seal the deal if I were looking for a vacation rental in Paris, but then as you continue to tour the home, each room continues to impress. Available to rent for your next trip to Paris through OneFineStay, from the sitting […]

Decor Inspiration: Light & Space

High ceilings, ample natural light and extraordinary quality furnishings, but only a few, that is precisely what this week’s Decor Inspiration home offers.  McAlpine Interior Designs eye for quality and historic, European-inspired architecture captured my attention and I couldn’t help but share. Enjoy the tour.  

Decor Inspiration: Maida For Your Next Visit to London

When I have traveled abroad to London or France, I have opted to stay in apartments rather than hotels, and my choice has yet to disappoint. If you are planning a trip to London in the future, a neighborhood I highly recommend finding an flat to call your temporary home is Maida Vale. During my […]

Decor Inspiration: Touches of Blue & Tranquility

Having always been someone drawn to water, the color blue has always had a gravitational pull for me. Preferably lighter hues throughout the home to provide more light and become reminiscent of the ocean, when I happened upon interior decorator Susan Ferrier’s talents in this Gulf of Mexico home, it captured my attention. Profiled in […]

Decor Inspiration: A Fashionable Parisian Abode

Well-known and respected in the fashion world, Andrew Gn’s new Right Bank apartment offers simplicity, artistry and reveals his appreciation for collections. Shared in the pages of Elle Decor in their October 2015 issue, enjoy a tour of his monochromatic master bedroom above, to the vase collection in the dining room and library, and discover […]

Decor Inspiration: Julia Child’s Provence Home

~Julia Child in her southern France kitchen in 1978~ In November, The New York Times reported that Julia and Paul child’s small stucco home which they built in Provence, France, is now on the market for the first time in 50 years. Named by Julia as La Peetch or La Pitchoune (“The little thing”), the […]

Decor Inspiration: Creative Cozy

The West Hollywood bungalow of actress Nina Dobrev infuses modern touches by from Kelly Wearstler along with a cozy welcoming cottage vibe. From the beckoning kitchen nook above to the geometry black and white kitchen backsplash, unexpected touches of a signature style abound. Enjoy the tour. ~DECOR INSPIRATION posts from the Archives: ~Cottage Cozy ~Function & […]

Decor Inspiration: A Minimalist Sanctuary

Modern architecture need not be cold and unwelcoming. With the pairing of the right textures (see marble and the tufted velvet upholstered chair above), minimalism can exist as well as clean lines creating a space to relax and rejuvenate. From the singular bold patterns in the living room to original pieces of art, each in […]

Decor Inspiration: Sophisticated, Farmhouse Style

To look at the interiors of interior designer Eliza Dyson’s apartment, one might venture to guess she lived anywhere except Manhattan, but that is exactly where she lives, Park Avenue to be precise. A farmhouse style that radiates cozy comfort, yet offers chic sophistication with the artwork many of us can only dream of owning […]

Decor Inspiration: A Worthy Investment

A Nashville home that blends function with style, neutrals with personality and ample outdoor light. Interior designer Benjamin Vandiver designed rooms that allow fewer decor accessories to be necessary and rather relied upon the house’s bones to speak for themselves. From the expansive, yet subtly feminine walk in closet, to the open shelves in the kitchen as […]

Decor Inspiration: A Kitchen to Live In

While I am not one for large, expansive homes as it is more to clean, heat, decorate and pay for, no matter what the size of a featured abode, there is always inspiration to be had. Designed by a husband and wife team, this Floridian home is currently being completed, but the kitchen is already […]

Decor Inspiration: Making the Impossible Possible

Believed to be unsalvageable, this Greenwich 158 year old townhouse was brought back to life and recently earned the cover of Architectural Digest‘s November 2015 issue. A CEO of a publishing company and his husband refused to give up on the potential of the home and refurbished it to its grandeur and beyond. Simply look […]

Decor Inspiration: A Brooklyn Townhouse

The Italianate brownstone in Brooklyn offers just enough of the luxuries without any of the unnecessary decor. From the soaking bathtub that is situated near a fireplace, to two dual rainshower heads as well as a wood burning oven in the kitchen, the space speaks to all of my simple everyday pleasures: home cooking, restorative […]

Decor Inspiration: A Go-To Kitchen

The light-fixtures alone are the icing on the cake that complete interior designer Melinda Faranetta’s kitchen remodel. Inspired by Levi’s worn-in feel, she began with the idea to create a space that beckoned to be enjoyed much like a go-to outfit. From the oblong hexagonal tile backsplash to the leather upholstered kitchenette seats, I know which […]

Decor Inspiration: Cozy Living Space

With ideas of cozy dancing in my mind for my living room, I stumbled across a living room designed by Coco Republic Interior Design and quickly took note. From the tufted ottoman (you can find affordable versions here), to the clean palette, this 1930s Spanish remodel beckons owner and guests to sit, relax and unwind. […]

Decor Inspiration: A Parisian Chesterfield

The power of a sofa is that it can complete the room, and if chosen correctly can exude your precise signature style. My current sofa is nine years old, and while I adore it as it is long enough for my height and wide enough for naps and snuggling, it is showing its age. The […]