Top 5 French-Inspired Posts

TSLL would not be what it is today without the inspiration that France and the French culture shares with the world. The fourth annual French Week took place this year and continues to be the most-visited time of year for the blog. Rest assured this annual tradition will continue in 2020, and I cannot wait […]

Top 10 French-Inspired Posts of 2018

Much of living simply luxuriously is inspired by my adoration of the French culture. As one reader on Instagram pointed out recently, it is the attention to cultivating contentment over pursuing happiness that initially unconsciously, and then consciously drew me to the Gallic land of culinary delights and appreciation for the everyday pleasures. The above […]

Outfit of the Week: A French-Inspired Weekend Getaway

~Saint James Breton Stripe Sweater with Button Shoulder with pure merino wool (navy and ecru)~ ~Frame Le High Skinny jeans~ ~Mark & Graham Brooklyn Carry-All~ ~M. Gemi The Stretto (more colors) $50 off EVERY pair of shoes you buy for a limited time.~ ~The RealReal Tibi double-breasted trench coat (size M), retail price estimate $750, […]

Escape to France: TSLL’s New French-Inspired Playlist

“I had come to the conclusion that I must really be French, only no one had ever informed me of this fact. I loved the people, the food, the lay of the land, the civilized atmosphere, and the generous pace of life.” ― Julia Child, My Life in France Music which reminds us of beautiful […]

Top 5 French-Inspired Posts in 2017

“À vaillant coeur rien d’impossible.” -Jacques Cœur “For a valiant heart nothing is impossible.” The French culture continues to inspire new and trusted ways of going about life, style, cooking and well, simply enjoying the everydays here on TSLL blog as we focus on living a life of quality over quantity. This year, the 2nd […]

A French-Inspired Culinary Comfort Cafe: Coquine

“Sincere Cuisine, Humbly Ambitious”  The name, Coquine, French for a mischievous little girl, and the woman behind the name turned her curiosities into an award-winning neighborhood restaurant that is a dream for your tastebuds. Described as new American fare, the menu is inspired significantly by Katy Millard’s time in France, cooking under the well-known chef Guy […]

Top French-Inspired Posts of 2016

Twenty sixteen introduced the first TSLL French Week which took place in mid-August of this past year with great success. For an entire week, two posts went live each day that were inspired by or focused on something related to the French culture. Due to the positive response from readers, the annual event will be […]

French-Inspired California Cottage

The home I dream of living in until the day I die is a simple, petite abode. A home that is welcoming and grand in attention to detail, but cozy and intimate with charm so as to allow me to both enjoy my home and the world outside my door without a long list of […]

10 Fantastique French-Inspired Blogs

For French food inspiration, French style inspiration, French dining inspiration and French-living inspiration, the internet is bursting with blogs to explore. Today I would like to share with you 10 French-inspired blogs that I have been visiting regularly for years or have just released been introduced to and think you too might enjoy. Rest-assured, there […]

Decor Inspiration: French-Inspired Bathroom Remodel

The beautiful co-mingling of French, country, and clean white aesthetics that invite breath-taking simplistic luxury is what you will find when you visit Maria Carr’s blog and online business Dreamy Whites Lifestyle. On her family’s North California farm, she and her husband (and five children) are remodeling a 19th century farmhouse and taking readers along […]

A Provence Monastery Turned Family Home

From an abbey, too long without love and care, to a family home for Lorenzo and Mariarosa Pellicioli. Nestled in the south of France, this once Provençal monastery, now welcomes a family of many generations to stay, slow down, cozy in and enjoy the wonders and seasonal delights of Provence. The 10 bedrooms accommodate their […]

The Top 10 Posts/Episodes of All-Time on TSLL (10 years of Blogging)

On December 26, just a few days ago, TSLL celebrated its 10th anniversary. It seems impossible to have imagined all that has transpired in these 10 years, but what is even more mind-boggling is that more than 3,500 posts have been published, shared, commented upon and reveal not only my own journey, but TSLL readers’ […]

20 Gifts for the Anglophile

Happy Christmas! A holiday salutation more frequently heard in the UK, but just as jolly as Merry Christmas. And since today’s post is in celebration of all things British, it just felt fitting to express. As TSLL is quickly becoming an Anglophile as well as Francophile destination for lifestyle, food and travel inspiration, I decided […]

20 Gifts for the Francophile

Joyeux Noël! There are three common ways to wish a merry Christmas in French, and my go-to French language expert Géraldine of Comme une Française will teach you easily what and how to pronounce each. But in the meantime, today I would like to share with you the first annual TSLL Francophile Holiday Gift Guide […]

268: M. L. Longworth Talks Provence during the Holidays, Favorite Cookbooks and Her New Provençal Mystery

~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | YouTube | Spotify Today’s episode is my recent conversation with returning guest M.L. Longworth. Her latest mystery in her Provençal mystery series became available to readers last Tuesday, and it is the eighth in the Bonnet and Verlaque series: A Noël Killing. Having had the opportunity to read and having thoroughly enjoy the book […]

267: Autumn in Paris – What to Wear for Timeless Seasonal Style

A stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg or one of the many other jardins located about Paris as the many carefully groomed leafy trees turn orange, red and brilliant gold is a memory to savor for travelers who come from far and wide to visit the City of Light during the autumn season. Granted, most […]

French Croissants et Pain au Chocolat, Step by Step

A morning with time unrestrained, weekend papers waiting to be perused, hot tea (or coffee) steaming and a warm buttery, flaky croissant. The picture of a wonderful moment. Savoring, savoring, savoring. Nearly every Sunday morning after a long walk with the boys, I am settling into my living room with my newspapers piled high, a […]

Herbed Trout with Citron Beurre Blanc, episode 4, season 2

For some time there has been one skill in the kitchen that has been an unknown to me, but when I finally decided to explore it, my experience and flavors were taken to an entirely different level. The skill I was intimated to learn initially in the kitchen was how to make delicious sauces, inspired […]

Apple Tart Tatin, plus How to Polish Copper – episode 3, season 2

Fall is just about upon us and the apples are abundant at the market. What a wonderful way to welcome into our homes the new season by making a classic French dessert – Apple Tart Tatin! I have always been fascinated by this recipe, tried it a multitude of different times and ways, and it […]

Moules Marinière à la Crème, Season 2 Premiere

Cooking in the kitchen is when I take a breath from the day. Especially when I am cooking for one person (that would be me! ;)), this routine of imagining in my mind what I am craving, letting my appetite anticipate the deliciousness that will soon be savored, and finding balance and nutrition in what […]

TSLL’s 4th Annual French Week Round-Up (giveaway winners announced – all seven!!!)

With each year TSLL has its annual French Week I am tickled to be introduced to readers who share how they incorporate seemingly simple, yet life elevating rituals and routines inspired by the French culture. The readership of TSLL continues to grow and is a vast international community of varying ages, life experiences and interests, […]

This & That: August 16, 2019

Film —Where’d You Go Bernadette? Based on the 2012 bestselling novel by Maria Semple, Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, the film opens in theaters today. Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchette stars as Bernadette in the comedic plot that follows a mother determined to reconnect with her creative self. Her adventure takes her all the way to […]