A French-Inspired Culinary Comfort Cafe: Coquine

“Sincere Cuisine, Humbly Ambitious”  The name, Coquine, French for a mischievous little girl, and the woman behind the name turned her curiosities into an award-winning neighborhood restaurant that is a dream for your tastebuds. Described as new American fare, the menu is inspired significantly by Katy Millard’s time in France, cooking under the well-known chef Guy […]

Top French-Inspired Posts of 2016

Twenty sixteen introduced the first TSLL French Week which took place in mid-August of this past year with great success. For an entire week, two posts went live each day that were inspired by or focused on something related to the French culture. Due to the positive response from readers, the annual event will be […]

French-Inspired California Cottage

The home I dream of living in until the day I die is a simple, petite abode. A home that is welcoming and grand in attention to detail, but cozy and intimate with charm so as to allow me to both enjoy my home and the world outside my door without a long list of […]

10 Fantastique French-Inspired Blogs

For French food inspiration, French style inspiration, French dining inspiration and French-living inspiration, the internet is bursting with blogs to explore. Today I would like to share with you 10 French-inspired blogs that I have been visiting regularly for years or have just released been introduced to and think you too might enjoy. Rest-assured, there […]

Decor Inspiration: French-Inspired Bathroom Remodel

The beautiful co-mingling of French, country, and clean white aesthetics that invite breath-taking simplistic luxury is what you will find when you visit Maria Carr’s blog and online business Dreamy Whites Lifestyle. On her family’s North California farm, she and her husband (and five children) are remodeling a 19th century farmhouse and taking readers along […]

9 Life Lessons From French Women about Women

Strength and intelligence, composure and courage, free-thinkers and style makers. French women from history and today offer in today’s post words to ponder about the subject of women and the journey we all are on: life. It is how we choose to live it that will make all the difference, and the awareness that indeed […]

175: 14 Ways to Eat Like the French — Savor Good Food, Don’t Fear It

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #175 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio “How you eat, when you eat, for how long you eat, and with whom you eat might be more important than what you eat. Eating and enjoying real food is what matters, not tracking calories.” —Johnny Adamic As reported by Time magazine last year, while the United States […]

A Parisian Podcast to Listen to Tout de Suite: The Earful Tower

Last month during TSLL’s annual French Week, I came across (and I can’t for the life of me remember how) The Earful Tower podcast, (but I am most glad that I did). It is as perfectly Parisian and as delightfully playful as it sounds. Oliver Gee, an Australian freelance writer who has now called Paris […]

2017 TSLL French Week Round-Up & Winners Announced

TSLL Semaine Française has concluded, but not without announcing the winners of the two giveaways and one more extra piece of inspiration and remembrance. I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by as often as you did, sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences as well as expressing your enthusiasm for what […]

The French Market: Bend’s Friendly, French Dining Destination

Nestled into the Old Bend neighborhood amongst the many cottage bungalows and historic estate grand mansions of their time, originally owned by the mill owners who founded this young, now booming tourist town is a new dining destination for lovers of French and western European cuisine. The French Market opened its doors this past June, […]

This & That: August 11, 2017

Books —Cooking for Picasso: A Novel by Camille Aubray After reading this post of my favorite 10 French books earlier this week, a reader shared a few of her own and one which I had not heard of, so I wanted to share. Cooking for Picasso was released this past June and involves French cooking, a […]

Where to Stay in France While Traveling: A Variety of Luxurious Options

The options of where to stay in France during your vacation can seem endless, but at the same time hard to find. Since this summer I have been making my own reservations for next summer’s holiday, I have learned a lot and I wanted to share. Below you will find options for luxurious stays (chateaus […]

A Lifestyle Blog Designed for Francophiles: TSLL

Last October TSLL underwent a major redesign, and an important component was curating French-Inspired resources and destinations for readers to easily navigate, enjoy and visit year round. Did you know that TSLL has a City Guide of Paris, map and all? Discover each destination I highly recommend based on my first-hand experience and learn a […]

My 10 All-Time Favorite French Books

Shelves of French-inspired books, novels, historical fiction and culture do I have in my office, and this does not include all of the cookbooks in my kitchen. Needless to say, new readers to the blog have been asking for my go-to, most recommended French reading material, so I pulled together a list of my top […]

TSLL French Week Begins: A French Linen Giveaway

To commence the second annual TSLL French Week, we have partnered with a family owned company who works with quality textiles from France. Saphyr Pure Linen is a new home fashion brand dedicated to offering natural pure fabrics. During these warm summer months, I can think of nothing more lovely and luxurious than sleeping atop […]

This & That: August 4, 2017

Books —The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money by Carl Richards Carl Richards, a financial planner who is a contributor to The New York Times and NPR, as well as an author of a couple of books is known for his napkin doodles/illustrations to visually depict his larger point. The Behavior […]

French Week Returns in August!

    The fascination, curiosity and absolute adoration of the French culture and their approach to living, preferring quality over quantity in all things especially food, fashion and everyday living is a driving force behind the mission of living simply luxuriously. It was during my study abroad experience in Angers, France, that first introduced me […]

This & That: July 14, 2017

Books —Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever by Kelly LeVeque Released last month, celebrity health and wellness consultant Kelly LeVeque shares specific approaches along with 88 recipes to become more attuned with your body and improve your overall health. With clients such as Molly Sims, Jessica Alba, […]

161: Ask Shannon Episode

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #161 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio   In the first annual “Ask Shannon” episode of the podcast, listeners and readers have sent in their questions. With an episode full of the answers, this extra full episode (75 minutes) will address the topics of eating well, traveling to Paris: where to say and […]

This & That: June 23, 2017

Beauty —Dr. Dream Dream Age Rejuvenating Serum A reasonably priced top quality anti-age serum was something I discovered recently on Violet Grey’s beauty website. Enabling skin to become smoother, brighter and healthier, the rose stem cell extract can reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. One of the best ways of presenting our best face, I […]

Provence Inspired

Abundant lavender, stone structures and a cool palette seamlessly integrating with Mother Nature. Designer Wendy Owen’s home in Sonoma, California, incorporates stone in nearly every space offering outdoor beauty. From stone walls in the dining room to the stone cave-like covered outdoor gathering room nestled next to the cascading waters, the element of stone exemplifies […]

This & That: March 24, 2017

Books —Entertaining in the Country: Love Where You Eat: festive Table Settings, Favorite Recipes and Design Inspiration by Joan Osofsky & Abby Adams After great success with their first book Love Where You Live, authors Joan Osofsky and Abby Adams released this past Tuesday Entertaining in the Country: Love Where You Eat. Inside discover seasonal dinner parties […]

A Country Cottage Restored

Ideal, picturesque, what a cottage dream entails when it dances in my mind’s eye. Since pinning the New England cottage above more than six years ago, I have been looking for a tour of the interior, and finally I discovered it on Martha Stewart’s website. Owned by antique seller and art gallery owner in New […]

Top Decor Inspiration posts from 2016

No matter where or what style of home we call our sanctuary, ideas abound everywhere we look to see how someone else has adorned their home and welcome into our own space those ideas that resonate with us. We may or not be able to afford a country cottage as the one in England above, […]