3 Crucial Components to Acquiring New Habits in 2018

“Success is sequential, not simultaneous. No one actually has the discipline to acquire more than one powerful new habit at a time. Super-successful people aren’t superhuman at all; they’ve just used selected discipline to develop a few significant habits. One at a time. Over time.” —Gary Keller & Jay Papasan from their best-selling book The ONE Thing: […]

Time Management: 13 Habits that Make My Life Run More Productively

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #114 One of the most popular requests from readers for topics to discuss here on TSLL blog and the podcast is time management, especially my approach to time management.  And while I do not profess to have figured it out, as I am regularly tweaking it and the onset of unnecessary […]

15 Everyday Habits to Live a Life of Contentment

“The best way to conquer self-doubt is to follow your dream and work your ‘bass’ off.” – CBS Sunday Morning speaking of musician Meghan Trainor ~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #93 The highs in life that we each experience from landing the job we’ve been coveting for years, celebrating a hard-earned diploma, signing the papers on […]

15 Habits for Timeless Style

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #69 Seeing effortless style in-person can be quite powerful, and part of the impactful punch is how the person carries themselves in the clothes they wear. In mere minutes it is evident if the clothes are wearing the person or visa versa. Having the opportunity to have worked and currently work […]

17 Habits to Become More Charismatic

“A knife can be used both to heal and to hurt. Whether in the hands of a surgeon or the hands of a criminal it’s the same instrument. Tools are seldom good or bad per se. It’s what you do with your charisma that matters.” -Olivia Fox Cabane, The Charisma Myth The Simple Sophisticate, episode […]

17: 4 Healthy Habits for Continual Self-Growth

~The Simple Sophisticate podcast, episode #17 One of the popular maxims when it comes to life advice is that lessons repeat themselves until they are learned. And while I’ve heard this before, I always felt there was a negative tone to the reappearance of a life lesson that we had experienced before. As if to […]

11 Tips to Cultivate Good Habits

 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle With all of the bits and pieces of information we have to remember on a daily basis, relying on habits that require our minds to “just go with it” is a relief – that is of course if the […]

Financial Food For Thought – 5 Good Habits

{A simply luxurious life, while full of the concept less is more, luxuriates in the decadence of high quality, complementary style and an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in decor, fashion, nature and people themselves. One does not need to maintain a balance in the bank that one might associate with a millionaire, […]

This & That: May 17, 2019

Cookbook —Modern Lunch: +100 Recipes for Assembling the New Midday Meal by Allison Day With plant-forward recipes from the blogger behind Yummy Beat, discover new, inpired ways to update your lunch. Inspired by the seasonal fare and her travels around the globe, discover simple, delicious and healthy recipes to add to your midday eating repertoire. […]

Why Not . . . Leap from a Solid Foundation?

“In order to fly, you need something solid to take off from.” —P.L. Travers, author of Mary Poppins Last week, Norman and I went out walking near Mount Bachelor where there was still about three feet of snow. The trail had been walked upon numerous times, but after a few weeks of warm weather and […]

This & That: April 5, 2019

Books —The Art of Simple Living: 100 Daily Practices from a Japanese Zen Monk for a Lifetime of Calm and Joy by Shunmyo Masuno Sharing 100 daily lessons in his new book, Buddhist monk Shunmyo Masuno “draws on centuries of wisdom to teach you to Zen your life”. Rather than seeking out extraordinary experiences to […]

This & That: March 29, 2019

App —Masse A free app making available recommendations on what you are looking for, discover what fellow shoppers are raving about or shying away from. “No paid-for posts. No bots. No sponsored pages. Just real people talking about what works for them.” Masse has been recommended by Vogue editors and other top magazines as a […]

251: Celebrating the JOMO and Enjoying Your Unique Chosen Journey of Life

“Most people are in a constant state of falling for whatever the most interesting thing is. Falling for whatever the most popular person is doing . . . This introduces the endless cycle of constantly ‘shopping’ for experiences. An endless search for novelty, hedonism, and just a dash of escapism. Because they do not conduct […]

How to Create Your Own Magic

“If I sit around and wait for other people to create magic in my life then I will be waiting until the day I die.” —Kerry Washington, on CBS Sunday Morning, October 7, 2018 The magic of life is tangible, and actually not magic at all. For the purposes of today’s topic, the definition of […]

Why It’s Okay Not to Know

“Being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you.” —Eckhart Tolle Throughout our world at the moment, there is much nebulousness about what will come, how certain situations will work out, what opportunities will arise or perhaps which tribulations will present themselves. Such uncertainty is not a new phenomenon that […]

10 Ways to Make Your Desk Space Efficient & Inspiring

Whether we work at home or away from our homes, the desk space we have is our opportunity to create a sanctuary of welcome and productivity. And as with most decorating and style projects, it takes time to find what works best for our individual approach, our needs, our job demands, etc. Case in point, […]

245: 10 Ways Resilence During Good Times Can Elevate Your Everydays

“Resilence is more than bouncing back from adversity. People who are resilient keep pursuing their goals in the face of challenges. Consequently, learning how to regulate your brain’s motivational machinery is a key aspect of resilence.” —Rick Hanson, Ph. D, author of Resilient: How to Grown an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength and Happiness Living […]

This & That: January 25, 2019

Books —Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport Being released on February 5, Cal Newport shares specific, easy to do tips to calm us down and increase our happiness. Making a valid point that technology is neither good or bad, but rather a tool, and it is how we […]

244: Give Yourself the Gift of Contentment Everyday, All Day

“Finding an ease with what you are thinking, feeling, the world as it is, not necessarily accepting it, but not resisting it. This is contentment.” —Andy Puddicombe The truth about contentment is that it is different than being happy. We cannot know what it feels like to be happy if we have not known sadness, […]

Saying Au Revoir to 7 Unhelpful Defaults in 2019

Today’s post is a bit of stream of consciousness in so much as the first full week of a new year is surreal in many ways. But I am doing my best to not simply go through the motions as the new year begins, trying not to do anything as I have in the past […]

This & That: January 4, 2019

British Treat ~A Country Life: At Home in the English Countryside by Roy Strong Approximately one year ago, a TSLL reader introduced me to Devon blogger Margaret Powling and her blog Devon Dreaming. I have been enjoying it ever since, and it was just a few days ago that she shared this book. It was […]