The TOP 5 Decor & Style Inspiration posts of 2020

In many ways 2020 here on TSLL blog has seen a significant uptick in Decor posts, specifically posts of my home, Le Papillon and a handful of customizations I excitedly was able to see come to fruition. And while my investment in my capsule wardrobe was not as fervent, I am still quite desirous of […]

French Street Style Inspiration for Summer

Parisian women and men treat the eyes to daily sartorial inspiration and remind the weary traveler that tending to what we wear is a gesture to act in a respectful manner while visiting a city so adored by the Francophile. I didn’t take many pictures this trip of street style fashion, but I did capture […]

Top 10 Signature Style Inspiration Posts of 2018

Curating our unique signature style takes time, and the journey to curating effortless style initially seems daunting, but it is possible. Something I discuss in depth in my new book (chapter 12) is exactly what effortless style is and how we can attain it, but ultimately, it begins with knowing ourselves, loving and honoring our […]

Top Style Inspiration Posts in 2017

Homing in on one’s signature style takes time, and even once we have a clear concept of what our signature style is, keeping in fresh, authentic and natural is an ongoing task. However, once we clear the most difficult hurdle of pinpointing it, the ongoing task is simple as we know what we are looking […]

Top 5 Style Inspiration posts of 2016

The weekly Style Inspiration post continues to be a favorite among readers, and each Tuesday morning you can always stop by TSLL to discover more ideas for what to pull together from the clothes already in your closet and perhaps spark an idea of one item to add that will bring it all together magnificently. […]

Style Inspiration: Monochromatic Mastery

Over the weekend I had an hours drive home, so I tuned in to Garance Doré’s podcast, Pardon my French. I was especially looking forward to her most recent episode because she was interviewing the successful beauty business woman Linda Rodin, who has lived it seems many amazing lives: model, stylist, a top photographer’s assistant, […]

Style Inspiration: Sagacious Taste

Effortless style does not come without effort. However, the effort comes heavily in the front-end of the decision to hone one’s style. Over time and with conscious diligence, paying attention to works, what flatters and what feels most comfortable, the effortless begins to ring true. As you can see from the images gathered for today’s […]

Style Inspiration: Lots of Stripes

Stripes for leisure or professional occasions. Wear a cotton Breton top for play or a silk black and white button up blouse for work. Either way, stripes work, and work well. Find a balance with a solid blouse or skirt, where with denim or tailored trousers, but above all know that you’ve chosen something that […]

Style Inspiration: Denim & Simple Details

Summer-time, for that matter anytime, means denim-time, but denim can always be dressed up and even worn as the fashion elite do to the fashion weeks held around the world as seen above. How? It’s all about the details. From statement shoes, much like the Gucci suede loafers above, to the quality handbag, a beautiful […]

Style Inspiration: A Hint of Skin

The more mature I become, the more I appreciate the hint, the mystery, rather than the entire reveal or exposure. Whether it is the tailored silhouette, a tanned shoulder or a charming clavicle, it is the balance of just a hint and then no more to create the perfect chic style. For example in the […]

Style Inspiration: Summer Time

Yesterday was the first official day of summer, and oh wasn’t it sweet? With the longest day of the year, ideal temperatures in the high 70s and a flexible schedule to wiggle and tweak to my content, I don’t remember a better start to the summer season. And with the change of seasons, comes a […]

Style Inspiration: Extra, Extra Summer Style

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”  ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby A few days ago I was gently awoken by the chirping of […]

Style Inspiration: Lindsay Marcella

A lifestyle blogger who is a street style star in the making, Lindsay Marcella of Lindsay Marcella Designs offers the neutral signature style that I always return to. From camel to black to white and of course stripes, be sure to check out her chic, streamlined blog that is as stylish as she is. (Click on […]

Style Inspiration: NYFW Street Style

The streets in New York City are a bit more stylish as of late as the fashion community flooded Lincoln Center and other facilities to observe the newest fall 2016 collections from designers. While not all designers are making you wait until August to shop their wares, Rebecca Minkoff for example is showing her spring […]

Style Inspiration: Like the Yogurt

The web is awash with a seemingly infinite amount of street style darlings. All of which I pay my respects to as to get in front of the camera on a regular basis takes a strong since of self and a clear signature style. I continue to derive a majority of my style inspiration from […]

Style Inspiration: Dapper Outerwear

Warm wool coats, an abundance of scarves, a fashion-forward hat or simply a stocking cap to capture all possible heat against the body, whatever is/are your outerwear item(s) of choice, have fun, mix it up and stay nice and toasty.   Images: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Style Inspiration: Winter Work Chic

Work and style. Add winter and it sometimes becomes complicated. While sometimes I do wear my outdoor winter boots to work and then switch into my heels when I arrive, a pair of booties is always a great idea, heel or not. Add a wool coat, slip on a bulky over-sized sweater paired with slim […]

Style Inspiration: Four-Eyes, Five Star Style

Something particularly strikingly that caught my eye as I was watching the Golden Globes more than a week ago was the amount of glasses worn by both men and women. Maura Tierney’s dark, over-sized spectacles were certainly my favorite (see below), but what I found was that a style trend that has been quite apparent […]

Style Inspiration: Chicly Bundled

Over-sized sweaters layered over skinny jeans and ankle boots, a jumpsuit worn atop a long-sleeve blouse, long wool trench coats. When cold weather arrives, there is no need to completely abandon chic attire. All it requires is a little creativity. ~STYLE INSPIRATION posts from the Archives: ~Creative Winter Warmth ~Shedding Winter’s Grip ~November Warmth   […]

Style Inspiration: Back to Simple

Simple style, simple choices, simply perfect. With fewer choices and confidence that each item is quality and superbly designed for your physique, stepping into the closet can feel much like a holiday. And if your closet doesn’t quite feel as though it were a euphoric destination, it certain can become that in time. Shop wisely, […]

Top Style Inspiration Posts – 2015

Tuesday’s Style Inspiration post continues to be a favorite destination for readers as they begin their day, look for ideas with clothing already in their closet and gain inspiration for new ways to amp up their authentic signature style. Today I’ve gathered up the top eight Style Inspiration posts from this past year putting them […]

Style Inspiration: Leather, Wool & Warmth

When it comes to dressing for a touch of chill in the air, wool is a must, but why not leather as well? Whether you don a bomber leather jacket, a leather dress or leather boots, the contrast of textures is superb, and you, most importantly, stay warm. Another idea for adding a touch of […]

Style Inspiration: Cowl-necks, Scarves & Wool

Winter weather begs for ponderous layers, wool and cashmere wraps and shawls and stylish wool coats that bundle us in warmth. Ideas abound for what to wear, but what to wear and be chic, that takes a closer look. Today’s Style Inspiration post offers a handful of ways to up your style factor. Enjoy! ~STYLE […]

Style Inspiration: A Little or A Lot of Bare

Whether you sanctuary and life is located in a balmy or frigid destination, today’s Style Inspiration has a few idea to offer style and ease. From peek-a-boo ankle booties to pompom topped snowcaps, creative style ideas abound. ~STYLE INSPIRATION posts from the Archives: ~Creative Winter Warmth ~Smart Style ~Winter White, Camel & Casual Images: (1) […]