Why Not . . . Savor Life?

From the infancy of TSLL back in 2009, the premise of living simply luxuriously has always been about appreciating the powerful joy in the everyday moments, cultivating a life of quality found within and then sharing and expressing what we discover to the world and those around us in such a way that is authentic […]

Finding and Savoring ‘Waterfall’ Moments

  “Fly off to France and find [your] waterfall.” —Ruth Reichl about Elizabeth David‘s French food writing and how reading it inspired her to travel to expand her understanding of food and life, in the introduction for At Elizabeth David’s Table: Classic Recipes and Timeless Kitchen Wisdom It’s a funny thing about France. Especially if […]

Why Not . . . Grow a(n) Herb Garden?

The BBC recently reported that gardening could be the hobby that increases our longevity well into our later years. Dan Buettner, author of the The Blue Zones and Happiness, found an interesting commonality between the five zones that are known for citizens living well and long into their ninth or tenth decade and beyond – […]

253: 36 Ways to Welcome Joie de Vivre into Your Everyday Life

“I firmly believe that it’s the little things we do that eventually add up to a happy life. I am not asking you to change everything about the way you live, but perhaps to reconsider a few details of your daily routine. Remember that joie de vivre is not revolutionary —but it is evolutionary.” —Robert […]

251: Celebrating the JOMO and Enjoying Your Unique Chosen Journey of Life

“Most people are in a constant state of falling for whatever the most interesting thing is. Falling for whatever the most popular person is doing . . . This introduces the endless cycle of constantly ‘shopping’ for experiences. An endless search for novelty, hedonism, and just a dash of escapism. Because they do not conduct […]

246: Why Not . . . Tailor Your Life to Fit You?

“A well-designed life is a life that makes sense . . . a marvelous portfolio of experiences, of adventures, of failures that taught you important lessons, of hardships that made you stronger and helped you know yourself better, and of achievements and satisfactions.” —Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans At the heart of choosing and the actively living a simply luxurious […]

Top 10 Lifestyle Posts of 2018

The everyday has the potential to be a joy and full of pleasure each day if we live consciously as we go along each of our journeys. A prominent part of living a simply luxurious life is paying attention to our everydays and designing them to nurture us as well as be 24 hours we […]

Why Not . . . Prep for a Fresh New 2019?

At the end of each year, sometimes it can be easy to give a nickname to the 12 months we have just experienced. It may be too simple to state that some years are growth years and others years are celebrations because there are many things that take place over the course of 365 days.  […]

232: 28 Life & Style Tips from a Parisian Woman

“Becoming Parisian is possible, but remaining Parisian is an art.” —Nathalie Peigney, author of Sophie the Parisian: Style Tips from a True Parisian Woman To spend time in Paris is to spend time in a city with a feminine energy. Simply the proper article spoken when saying the city of Paris is la ville de Paris […]

226: Understand This Tricky Paradox of Control In Order to Improve Your Life

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #226~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | YouTube | Spotify Imagine you are walking upon a balance beam in a gymnastics center. Imagine your core is tight, your shoulders are back, your chin is parallel with the beam and your legs are engaged. And your eyes are focused not down, but at your desired destination – the […]

224: How to Welcome Simplicity Into Your Life: Live Differently for One Month

“One of the greatest challenges we all face is to find a happy balance between the opportunities that are available to us, the media-implanted urge to have them all, and our own desire to keep focused on the things that really matter.” —Elaine St. James in Living The Simple Life: A Guide to Scaling Down […]

10 Life Lessons from Provence: Slow Down & Savor the Everyday

“Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.” —Paul Cezanne, French Post-Impressionist painter who spent much of his life in Provence Upon stepping foot in my vacation rental just two miles outside of Gordes, nestled in the countryside and surrounded by vineyards, my breathing deepened, and a long sigh was exhaled. With […]

215: French Trip Travel Musings (Why Not . . . Make the Effort?), Part Une

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #215 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | YouTube | Spotify “It’s worth the effort.” —Patricia Wells (The following episode was taped while traveling in Provence, France, using a handrecorder. Please excuse indulations in volume.) The legions of birds and their signature melodies, the playful butterflies that promenade amongst our meals, the clock tower reminding […]

213: The Art of Savoring: How to Invite the Skill of Savoring Into Our Lives

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #213 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | YouTube | Spotify “Alone, we can plumb local markets and examine their wares closely. We can breathe in and relish the flavors in a sauce, or the coolness of a pitcher of cream. We don’t necessarily take time to do these things in the presence of company, […]

Why Not . . . Enjoy a Petit Plaisir?

Last evening I found myself around 8’o’clock swinging in my hammock finishing a book that virtually swept me away to Paris. The air was warm, the neighborhood was quiet and the boys curiously moseyed around the yard. Bliss. A true simple luxury. Simple luxuries have been something I try to savor as often as possible […]

12 Nigel Slater Recipes I Cannot Wait to Try

The work day has wrapped up, the projects, the diplomacy and the discipline have been exhausted and my brain seeks refuge in something pleasant, inspiring and delicious. The hot tea is poured, the jazz fills the house and I place my feet upon the hassock. The boys mosey about, Norman snuggles up to sleep, Oscar […]

Why Not . . . Cultivate Contentment Today?

“Pursuit of contentment is not the pursuit of an elusive tomorrow; it is the celebration of today. In that, it is the pursuit to end all pursuits.” —Majid Kazmi Spring is beginning to bloom in Portland this week, and so as I went on a couple of walks with the dogs, it was the blossoms […]

26 Ways to Create the Life You Want

A new year. A reboot. A fresh start. The average person will experience approximately 80 of these so-called “fresh starts”, see 80 new years, and have the opportunity to celebrate 80 chances to reboot. Of those 80, we were at first children and may not and probably did not understand the concept of a “rebooting”, […]

17 Things to Do, Savor & Experience in November

“November comes And November goes, With the last red berries And the first white snows. With night coming early, And dawn coming late, And ice in the bucket And frost by the gate. The fires burn And the kettles sing, And earth sinks to rest Until next spring.” ― Clyde Watson November is the middle […]

Savory Roasted Filberts (Hazelnuts): the secret recipe

The Filbert (aka the hazelnut) is Oregon’s nut. Well, sort of. Ninety-eight percent of the hazelnuts/filberts/cob nuts grown in the United States are grown in Oregon; however, from a global perspective, most of these nuts are grown in Europe and the Middle East (Turkey and Italy, for example). The term Filbert surprised me at first […]

177: How to Ensure a Bountiful Harvest (in Life)

 ~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #177 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio “October knew, of course, that the action of turning a page, of ending a chapter or shutting a book, did not end the tale . . . ” —Neil Gaiman The journey of each of our lives meanders and sometimes jet-lines through seasons. As children we […]