A Welcoming Home in Wiltshire, England

Mar 12, 2020

From deep sofas inviting you to sit and stay for more than a while, to a soaking tub paired with a custom upholstered antique sitting chair, the details in each room ask of the inhabitants to unwind and relax.

A Victorian house renovated by a large family with multiple business, the renovation overseen by interior designer Stephanie Dunning was featured in Homes & Gardens UK recently. Located in Wiltshire, enjoy the full tour here, but first have a look at key takeaways that caught my eye as seen in the rooms in this week’s Decor Inspiration.


  • Don’t skimp on the throw pillows for the sofa, and invest in quality fabric and fill.
  • Purchase a neutral sofa or sofas and let the pillows add the pop.
  • Make sure the living room rug is large enough so that the furniture sits comfortably, and entirely on the rug.
  • In the bathroom, add warmth to balance the metal and porcelain (harder surfaces). Perhaps an upholstered chair and soft, lush robes.
  • Incorporate warm lighting with table lamps, reading lamps and mounted sconces.
  • Mix traditional with a pop of personality (see the leopard chair just below) by upholstering a traditional, classic style in a fabric that is modern and/or seemingly trendy, but actually quite timeless.

This home certainly has personality, but the historic stateliness of the space comes forth effortlessly. Most importantly, it is warm, welcoming and looks oh, so cozy regardless of how large the entire house may appear.

5 thoughts on “A Welcoming Home in Wiltshire, England

  1. This is gorgeous! I love the pops of purple in the living room. It can be a hard color to decorate with but it is subtle enough here that it just gives the room an extra boost. Have to check out the entire article now. thanks for the post.

  2. So cosy . I love a neutral sofa as you can change up the cushions and throws according to the seasons. I also love to coordinate the lamp shades. It gives me the opportunity to play around and set the tone for the seasonal hift . It is such a fun activity to do😊

  3. Shannon, before I read the story, I was sure this was your home. It looks like you! Thank you for brightening my day.

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