An Intimate Upstate New York B & B: Bedford Post Inn

Feb 16, 2017

Early in my travel adventures, my mom introduced me to her love of Bed & Breakfasts, and I have been a fan and preferred to stay in such accommodations ever since over any hotel that may be available.

The history of the buildings is often the draw, but also the interior decor, the breakfast waiting for your when you awake and the large, often en suite bedrooms make you feel as though you are truly living in luxury in your home away from home.

If you are planning a trip to upstate New York, may I suggest an intimate bed & breakfast you might want to look into. Bedford Post Inn, located approximately an hour outside of New York City and owned by Richard Gere, his former wife Carrie Lowell and their business partner Russell Hernandez since 2007, offers eight rooms each remodeled and some with a clawfoot bathtub. Available for weddings, the inn has a yoga studio and a cafe that the locals frequent as well.

The building, originally built in 1762, now includes, along with the rooms, two restaurants, beautiful grounds to wander in and a swimming pool. Be sure to check out their Instagram to have a peek at the cuisine, the events, the staff, and the seasonal decor.

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