Barefoot Contessa’s NYC Pied-à-Terre: For Sale

Apr 06, 2017

If you are in the market for an apartment on New York City’s illustrious Park Avenue (71 East 77th Street), why not consider Ina Garten and husband Jeffrey’s pied-à-terre? Just listed at $1.98 million, the couple is opting for a larger kitchen in their newly purchased apartment on the corner of Park Avenue and 62nd Street ($4.65 million). Tour their new two-bedroom apartment here, but before you do, check out a simple living space that certainly would be a lovely space to call home in the Big Apple.

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7 thoughts on “Barefoot Contessa’s NYC Pied-à-Terre: For Sale

  1. The kitchen does seem smaller; and is bigger at her newest pied-a-tere. Thanks for sharing this surprise view of a favorite artistan.

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