The Beehive: A New Owner

Mar 19, 2014

~Kyle Meliah giving my hair a little jush~

One of the surefire ways to complete a signature look is to have a haircut and color that is tailored to your lifestyle and your unique beauty. With the proper cut, a blow-out in the morning before work can be effortless, and with the right color, your skin radiates.

For over the past eight years I have had the fortune to call Kyle Meliah my hairstylist, and not once in our history have I been disappointed with the creative magic she weaves. The Beehive Cut & Color Bar is a Bumble & Bumble salon which includes a staff of 15 highly trained stylists who have gone through the required apprentice program, followed by annual trainings in New York City to stay up-to-date and on trend.

Formerly the manager of the Beehive Cut & Color Bar which opened in 2001, located in downtown Walla Walla, Washington, Kyle is now the sole owner of the salon. With the recent announcement of her new position for which she is more than aptly prepared for, I wanted to introduce Kyle and her talented staff to the readers of TSLL.  After all, as a new owner of a successful beauty salon, wife and mother of five daughters, I wanted to know how she does it as she is always brimming with new ideas, enthusiasm and energy.

Get to know Kyle Meliah:

~On balancing it all:

Balancing it all is a struggle every day. Kind of ironic that I tattooed the word “Balance” on my forearm almost 10 years ago and now I look down and it means more than ever. I try and make time to do what I love, hair. People say, “I don’t know how you do it. I only have one child and I only work part-time.” My answer is, you just adapt. I’m not anymore overwhelmed than anyone else. My plate is full because I like it that way. I can’t stay still very long (never could) and now I don’t’ have to.

~On a typical day:

A typical day in my shoes (which are now almost always flats) goes like this. Chris (Kyle’s husband) gets the girls up and fed, then his oldest gets a lift to school from her uncle (who has seen me at my finest at 6:30am.) I shove the remaining four in to our very necessary suburban and shuttle them to school. Baby Quinn then gets a granola bar to keep her occupied for the 20-minute drive to her daycare. Then it’s a straight shot to the salon for my first appointment at 8:30. I usually try and get done with my workday by 3:30 because Chris cannot do the afternoon shuttle alone. Nobody could.

We feel really fortunate that both of our jobs allow us to attend almost every [sporting event], and we still make a point to eat a “family dinner” at the table at least twice a week. It has the potential to be absolute chaos. However, my husband keeps all his girls running like a well-oiled machine. He has every schedule memorized and is a stud at making lunches and doing laundry. I totally scored.

 ~Advice on following your dreams:

My advice to anyone wanting to follow his or her dreams and go where the wind blows them is…. DO IT. I hope each one of my girls finds their passion and never looks back. Life is too short to work in a job you hate, be in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling and not enjoy the little things. You’ll never have “enough money” or have “more time” so just go for it. Also, I must say, I preach this to my brood with another lecture about how “you should never give up” and “always do everything you can to save relationships with people.” I just can’t imagine having a career that I didn’t enjoy. I’m not saying every day I skip to the salon, but most days, I’d rather not be anywhere else. Doing hair allows me to be creative, try new things and push myself. I get to work with women I genuinely love as people and support me every day. I’m thankful for all of this each and every day.

~Favorite quote (My mom had it framed for me.) “The only thing constant is change.” When things do happen, and they will, you have to learn to adapt. Never stop learning and growing.

~Favorite Movie – “Into the Wild.” Hands down. The best soundtrack EVER and I love the last quote of the movie, “Happiness is only real when shared.” Ugh…. So good.

~Books – Uh, like real books? I love Vogue.

~Fastest way to lose track of time – shopping online

~Favorite travel destination – anywhere with my family (especially if it’s Mexico.)

~Bucket List item – Zip lining someplace cool, like Belize.

~Can’t live without hair product –  Bumble and Bumble DeFRIZZ

~Simple “best hair advice” – embrace second day hair (I can attest that with Kyle’s nudging, second day hair with the help of Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish is often even better than the first-day’s blow-out especially with my fine hair)

~Guilty pleasure – Hot Tamales

~Best advice – from my very wise mother…. Don’t be so black and white, try and see more grey in the world.

I want to thank Kyle and the entire team of stylists for letting me spotlight the salon. A tremendous thank you to Lindsay King for taking the photo above.

Beehivea beehiveb

Stop by or Make an Appointment:

126 E Main St. 
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Phone: (509) 525-2201
Hours: M-Sat, 8:30-5pm

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