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Making Your Everydays Extraordinary
and Discovering Your Best Self


“Shannon’s blog and book are so inspiring and encourage you to enjoy the small pleasures of everyday life.”
–Jennifer L. Scott
New York Times best-selling author of
Lessons from Madame Chic


Discover What TSLL’s 2nd Book is All About

What can you uniquely give the world? We often sell ourselves short with self-limiting beliefs, but most of us would be amazed and delighted to know that we do have something special — our distinctive passions and talents — to offer.

And what if I told you that what you have to give will also enable you to live a life of true contentment? How is that possible? It happens when you embrace and curate your own simply luxurious life. We tend to not realize the capacity of our full potential and settle for what society has deemed acceptable. However, each of us has a unique journey to travel if only we would find the courage, paired with key skills we can develop, to step forward.

This book will help you along the deeper journey to discovering your best self as you begin to trust your intuition and listen to your curiosity. You will learn how to:

  • Recognize your innate strengths
  • Acquire the skills needed to nurture your best self
  • Identify and navigate past societal limitations often placed upon women
  • Strengthen your brand both personally and professionally
  • Build a supportive and healthy community
  • Cultivate effortless style
  • Enhance your everyday meals with seasonal fare
  • Live with less, so that you can live more fully
  • Understand how to make a successful fresh start
  • Establish and mastermind your financial security
  • Experience great pleasure and joy in relationships
  • Always strive for quality over quantity in every arena of your life

Living simply luxuriously is a choice: to think critically, to live courageously, and to savor the everydays as much as the grand occasions. As you learn to live well in your everydays, you will elevate your experience and recognize what is working for you and what is not. With this knowledge, you let go of the unnecessary, thus simplifying your life and removing the complexity. Choices become easier, life has more flavor, and you begin to feel deeply satisfying true contentment. The cultivation of a unique simply luxurious life is an extraordinary daily journey that each of us can master, leading us to our fullest potential.

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1st reading and signing of the 2nd book!
Friday November 23rd 4pm
Roundabout Books
– Bend, OR

Afternoon tea & book signing
Saturday November 24th 2-4pm
The Bookloft
– Enterprise, OR

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*You may leave instructions for a personalized note or have your copy addressed to someone specific.


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