Carole Radziwill’s Closet & Her Mother-in-Law’s Famous Sofa

Aug 31, 2017

I will readily admit, I watch the Real Housewives of New York City. A guilty-pleasure absolutely (because I honestly do feel a little guilty supporting the drama that ensues); however, it is Carole Radziwill whom I have come to appreciate significantly. Based on what is revealed on screen (and I realize this too can be contrived to an extent), it is her inner strength, her independence, her sense of clarity to travel her own journey and keen observational skills that draws my applause.

As this season of RHWNYC wrapped up last night, it was the reveal of Carole’s refurbished SoHo Duplex in the most recent issue of Architectural Digest that stopped me momentarily when I came across it on her IG feed and made me take notice. 

First of all, the sofa (see above). 

Having had this particular sofa for more than 27 years, originally belonged to her husband Anthony Radziwill (whose aunt was Jackie Kennedy Onassis), the sofa is a backseat character when we a scene is shot in her apartment. Following her husband’s death, the sofa traveled with Carole to her new home, and with time and wear became quite . . . shall we say . . . tattered (check out the tiger-striped upholstery as seen in the show which eventually became quite ripped).  However, now with a carefully selected Lee Jofa velvet upholstery in muted French blue, the sofa looks like new. Oh, how I would love such a sofa, wouldn’t you?

As for her closet, it was the second bedroom in her duplex. Who knew?! And be sure to check out the carpet as well. 

Enjoy the tour, and see even more images as well as read how it all came together here in Architectural Digest’s profile piece.

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All images via Architectural Digest, September 2017 issue

2 thoughts on “Carole Radziwill’s Closet & Her Mother-in-Law’s Famous Sofa

  1. My question is did the Buddha head stay with Carole or did Adam take it back? I keep looking in all of the photos and I can find it.

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