A Country Cottage Restored

Jan 12, 2017

Ideal, picturesque, what a cottage dream entails when it dances in my mind’s eye. Since pinning the New England cottage above more than six years ago, I have been looking for a tour of the interior, and finally I discovered it on Martha Stewart’s website. Owned by antique seller and art gallery owner in New York City Angus Wilkie, this country cottage underwent a remodeled and the result is magnificent. Finished with 18th and 19th century antiques from around Europe and England, inspiration abounds in each room (learn about the contents of each room here). Enjoy the tour, and to learn more about the owner, click here.

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All images via Martha Stewart

5 thoughts on “A Country Cottage Restored

  1. I have never seen a radiator under a sink before, warm and toasty whilst doing the washing up, as there is clearly no space under the window, the traditional place, what a clever idea this is.

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