Decor Inspiration: A Pearl District Loft

Mar 18, 2014


To live in the Pearl District in Portland is to live in an artistic, post-modern experiment of sorts. Let me explain. With the transformation of this once industrialized space, over the past 20 years, it has become dotted with eco-friendly apartments and town-houses, dog-friendly businesses and outdoor spaces, easy to navigate streets and sidewalks and an attention to urban smart living.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design curated this week’s Decor Inspiration post that is located on NW 13th Avenue in Portland, Oregon, a handful of years ago, and I have been ogling at the kitchen space ever since. In fact, whenever I walk by this row of town-houses, I’m always curious to figure out which home these interiors can be found.

I recently discovered the entire designed space and wanted to share. The Pearl District, well-known for high ceilings in so many homes as well as exposed brick, cement walls and beams creates a natural aesthetic, yet in this space the warmth of the textures found in the rugs, plants and linens strikes a nice balance.

With all of the rich rain that Portland receives, this loft would be an ideal respite for cozying up with the newspaper or book and sipping a glass of one of Oregon’s acclaimed pinot noirs. Enjoy the tour!

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Images: JHID

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