Decor Inspiration: Underdone Style

Oct 07, 2014


When John Derian and his wife came to own an entire floor of an 1850s East Village building in Manhattan, he was adamant about maintaining as  much integrity as possible all the while adding his own unique decor tastes. Thoughtfully underdone, each room exudes its natural beauty, but also offers functionality and purpose. From Derian’s decision to keep the original 19th century sink and countertop in the kitchen to redoing entirely the bathroom, even with the new touches, the look is inline with the period of the building. Have a look here at the before photos and read the entire interview.


Images Times Magazine


5 thoughts on “Decor Inspiration: Underdone Style

  1. I love both floorboards and ceiling! I’ve always dreamed of a Manhattan loft.

    We actually have floorboards like that in our — for Australia — very old shop (1888).

  2. love the juxtaposition of fine and rough..very livable, not so precious as to cause feeling of freakout if something gets spilled or the dogs and kids have a crazy moment.

  3. I love the way they have enhance the whole place and keeping the “original” floor & ceiling…Very beautiful…feels very homely too!

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