Decor Inspiration: A Victorian School Turned London Flat

Sep 16, 2014


For anyone in the market in London for a unique space that will leave those who first enter an interior that is quite contrary to its exterior, take a look inside this former Victorian school which recently become available. Restored with a blank palette and keeping the space open, full of light, and in alignment with a learning environment (walls of bookshelves line the living room organized by hue to serve a decorative signature as well), the home offers ample square footage and outdoor space. With unique ideas and minimalism which unexpectedly instills a sense of home as well, I think you’ll be surprised by this tour. Enjoy!

9.16.14k  9.16.14j  9.16.14i  9.16.14h  9.16.14g  9.16.14f  9.16.14e  9.16.14d  9.16.14c  9.16.14b  9.16.14a


Source: Architectural Digest

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