Diane Keaton’s New Creation (Pinterest Inspired)

Dec 14, 2017

Recently I saw Diane Keaton in her latest movie, Hampstead (have a look at the trailer at the end of the post), which was inspired by real events in Hampstead, England, just outside of London. In the film, Keaton’s character, an American widow, teams up with a gentleman who is being evicted from his home located on the Hampstead Heath.

The homes each of the characters lives in play supporting roles, but nonetheless important to the plot as Emily (Keaton) realizes by the end of the film to relocate to a cottage away from what no longer felt true to her.

Keaton has long been passionate about renovation of homes herself, and in her latest rustic 8000 square foot project, she shares the journey in her new book The House That Pinterest Built. Located in Los Angeles’ Sullivan Canyon, the home was inspired initially be “The Three Little Pigs”, yes, those three little pigs.

The kitchen alone had my attention. The immense natural light streaming from the sky, the white painted brink and vertical wide beadboard paired with the vast space for cooking projects and many helping hands or conversations while the host prepares.

The home, which was entirely designed by Keaton, is earthquake-proof and inspired by the boards organized on Pinterest. As she shares in Wine Spectator‘s November 2017 issue,  “the digital tool helped her organize the ideation process, and the shareable ‘pin boards’ facilitated good conversations with her team.” Thus the title of her new book which was released this past fall: The House That Pinterest Built.

As a wine lover, this is the first home she has renovated or built that has ample wine storage, but the only wine she stores is her own – The Keaton. Needless to say, at the age of 71, Keaton keeps surprising and inspiring me.

Learn more about the design process as well as view more images of her new home here.

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