Ellen Pompeo in Sag Harbor: Immersing Herself in Decor

Jun 08, 2017

From her day job of practicing faux medicine to her personal passion of restoring and redecorating homes, Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo has found a knack for bringing comfort and modernity to each of her homes. From her Mediterranean Malibu home featured in Architectural Digest in 2014 to now her first remodeling of a barn in Sag Harbor, Pompeo demonstrates her expertise for seeing potential in projects that may on the surface initially appear daunting.

Each room is designed to be lived in, potentially make messes in that can be without a fuss cleaned up. In other words, the Sag Harbor home is meant to be experienced and treasured not just gawked at in magazines (although there is much gawking to be done). Enjoy the tour and read more about Pompeo’s approach to her hobby of design here in the June 2017 issue of Architectural Digest.

All images via Architectural Digest

2 thoughts on “Ellen Pompeo in Sag Harbor: Immersing Herself in Decor

  1. Wow, that’s quite a barn! It’s lovely, interesting & warm. My biggest problem is open shelving in the kitchen. Looks nice, sleek, crisp. But kitchens are not clean places for open storage. I don’t want to have to wash everything on those shelves once a week because of cooking grease & the like floating around. It’s always been the main thing I dislike about Joanna & Chip’s renos. Otherwise the barn is fabulous and I love the exterior. Super job Ellen. Big fan of yours.

  2. I agree with you Barb Taylor about the open shelving. I would be cleaning it at least once a week. I also agree with you on Joanna & Chip’s renos, too much open shelving. I am going one step further in that I do like a all white kitchen. I have had one in the past, and it is a lot of work to keep it looking pristine.

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