Formal Yet Comfortable: A Beverly Hills Spanish Sanctuary

Feb 27, 2020

Creating living spaces throughout the home which encourage guests and the home’s inhabitants to sit down, relax and comfortably engage with whomever they wish to catch up with, or cozy up with ease to do whatever is needed upon spending time in our sanctuary is a worthwhile detail to tend to.

From deciding how many pieces of furniture to place in a living room, how to lay-out the furniture, which types of furniture to include and to make sure no matter how many, there are conversational points at a variety of places, all of these decisions take time to figure out based on the size of our home, our budget and our lifestyle.

Currently, I am trying to imagine in my mind’s eye the best layout in my own living room to incorporate as many as eight people comfortably, but also to create a cozy space for one or two people. I am confident it is possible, and California based residential interior designer Katie Hodges reflects both the sophistication but also cozy comfort that can be achieved in her Beverly Hills Spanish project, offering a few ideas to do exactly this.

Key Decor Takeaways:

  • To include more seating in a living area, choose two or three coffee tables or ottomans to create smaller conversational areas.
  • Having pairs of furniture creates a regal, sophisticated look, but then mix it up so that the pairs don’t match each other generally, just tonally.
  • Upholster the seats of dining room chairs while keeping the wood back to pair soft and hard textures creating a space of warmth and formality.

I have pulled a few of the images from the entire home tour in this week’s Decor Inspiration, and be sure to check out more images of the Beverly Hills Spanish project here.

Images via Katie Hodges Design

6 thoughts on “Formal Yet Comfortable: A Beverly Hills Spanish Sanctuary

  1. I love ottomans . They provide seating, somewhere to put your feet up as well as storage. A couple of ottomans with side tables make individual seating for one or two people. When there is a larger group just move them closer to the main seating et voila😊

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