French Style Meets Carrie Bradshaw 20 Years Later

Nov 28, 2018

In June’s issue of Elle Decor France, an article inspired by the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City shares what Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment may look like now, only in France (and written in French too – practice!). 

I have shared some of my favorite rooms in this week’s Decor Inspiration post, and as you will see, each has a touch of blush, oodles of sophistication, as well as modern mixed with retro and a smidge of traditional style for conversation sake. 

I expecially love the foyer, just below, streamlined, simple, yet spectacular: a simple statement piece of original art, a settee, complete with a cocktail for that special guest who has come to visit. Read the entire article and see even more of their selected rooms here.


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5 thoughts on “French Style Meets Carrie Bradshaw 20 Years Later

  1. Oh i love the blush color throughout. Furniture is unique. A combination of old fashioned and fresh, made modern with its clean lines. Carrie B. would approve, bien sur que oui!

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