Grand Simple Luxurious Living in Italy

Jan 17, 2019

A home without an owner for 40 years until Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino purchased the 17th century 3200 square foot apartment just outside of Milan in the heart of Crema a few years ago, and in doing so, brought it back to life.

Profiled in The New York Times Style Magazine, the creator of the 2015 year’s film A Bigger Splash starring Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes and Dakota Johnson reveals his talent for interior design. What captured my eye is exemplified in the bedroom above. It certainly makes it much easier when the ceiling heights are extraordinarily tall, but the decor is minimal, yet signature, simple and therefore with statement, yet timeless fabrics and textures, the room is inviting and not intimidating.

And I cannot omit my adoration of a master bedroom with a shuttered window. Oh, a dream for a future home indeed. To leave open in the summer and awaken by sunlight and the chirping of birds in the spring. Having had such a window to enjoy for a week this summer in Provence, as shown in this image, it felt like but a dream come true to experience this simple architectural luxury.

I love the play with bold colors, that are at the same time classic hues and minimal, yet beckoning furniture that wants to be lounged in for hours. Tour the entire home here and have a look at some of my favorite rooms below.

“Grand and simple, perfect and imperfect, harmony emerges from contrast and unlikely pairings,” as described by The New York Times Style Magazine

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