Laura Dern’s Soaking Tub

Jan 23, 2020

Laura Dern is having more than a moment, she is radiating brilliance and goodwill awesomeness. Okay, maybe I am gushing a bit, but from making a clean sweep for her supporting role in Marriage Story in the first three award shows of the season (Golden Globes, Critic’s Choice and SAG’s) which looks to be a run that will take the Oscar home as well, to being cast in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women to starring in award winning Big Little Lies on HBO, Dern’s star power is clearly rising with permanence.

And while she has grown up in Hollywood, was even conceived on set, as she recently shared with CBS Sunday morning, she appears more approachable and secure than most in a world that could easily breed self-doubt and constant seeking of outside approval. In fact, it was her quote about being in the “choosing seat” that inspired an entire episode of The Simple Sophisticate podcast (#199).

In 2017 she gave a tour of her home to Architectural Digest (view the entire tour here), and it was her bathroom that captured my attention:

Key Decor Inspiration Takeaway:

  • Put the soaking tub by the window, a large window, to feel as though you are bathing with Mother Nature (but without the chill).
    • Don’t be afraid of placing large windows in your bathroom. It will expand the space. If you need privacy, add window treatments (or as Dern has done, landscaping on the outside fo the window for a natural privacy barrier, but make sure you can open them to welcome natural light and fresh air.
  • Place the faucet in the middle of the bathtub and make sure it stands alone outside of the tub, not at one end or the other. You want to soak without obstruction.
  • Add a statement chandelier or pendant lighting
  • Soften the space as the tub is cool in texture by adding a rug and fresh blooms.
  • A chic side table for a glass of wine, a chocolate, a book or whatever you need to enjoy your at-home spa.

Laura Dern recently shared her self-care and beauty routine with Vogue, and at the age of 52 she exemplifies how the taking care of our skin and aging naturally can bring forth absolutely stunningly beautiful good looks.

Today’s Decor Inspiration was a bit of a two-fer: decor and beauty, but I do hope you enjoyed it. I have Marriage Story on my watchlist on Netflix, and after learning more about Dern’ character in the film, I am ever more eager to settle in and enjoy it before the Oscars on February 9th.

~Images via Architectural Digest

2 thoughts on “Laura Dern’s Soaking Tub

  1. Good morning Shannon. Loved Laura Dern’s self-care routine and natural approach to beauty. I also made the decision some time ago to accept my curly hair as part of getting back to what is natural and can say my hair has never been so healthy (or received more compliments!). Note to self going forward; go with the flow, stop fighting it! Very best wishes from the UK, Sue.

  2. This was such a genuinely honest tutorial. Laura Dern is having an amazing year!
    I bought all but the moisturizer, my favorite is Elemis Marine Collagen.

    I too have a daughter, she is 21 and into skin care products, i am concerned about ingredients and the chemicals they use.

    She recently shiwed me a TikTok with you and your daughter, I will share this video, maybe she will listen to you..;)

    Congrats on all your success.

    Be well

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