A Light, Bright Kitchen Renovation

May 17, 2018

Last weekend was the first morning I enjoyed my breakfast outside. The warmth, the soft breeze and the birds melodious tunes offered the reminder of the pure enjoyment that comes with dining al fresco. However, as many of us know, this option is temporary as temperatures drop, daylight lessens and we must eat our meals indoors.

When I came across Whitney Port‘s home in Architectural Digest, it was her kitchen that captured my attention immediately (you can view her entire renewly renovated Studio City home here). The light hues, simple botanical wallpaper from Gracie (Port requested that small hummingbirds be handpainted onto the wallpaper as a personal inclusion of her father) and inclusion of light from as many avenues as possible demonstrated that natural light is necessary especially when we dine.

As someone who savors her early morning routine, even in the winter and fall, to have any daylight or a glimpse of the outdoors as I am preparing my breakfast helps me to find my natural rhythm for the upcoming day.

With simple, natural shades, white pendant lighting and wicker breakfast chairs (I love both the bar and table designs), if you enjoy her style, be sure to check out her lifestyle website and blog here.



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View Whitney Port’s entire home in Studio City here in Architectural Digest

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