Light and Bright and Relaxing by the Sea in Maine

Jun 20, 2019

Most people are not architects, but when we see a home by an architect, we are reminded of the power of vision and seeing what could be there, but isn’t already.

Gil P. Schafer, an architect, happened to rent for a vacation rental one summer a 1992 A-frame house that didn’t realize how much potential it had. Doing what many of us would like to do, but unfortunately it often remains a dream, when we stay in a home that we see either having potential or speaking to our preferred aesthetic tastes, he bought and remodeled it.

Winning the 2018 Bulfinch Award for Interior Design, appearing on the cover of House & Garden UK, being featured in The New York Times, G.P. Schafer designed an inviting space situated along Maine’s Blue Hill Bay.

Key Takeaways:

  • Let in as much light as possible in the most oft-forgotten spaces: stairwells, above the doors, above the traditional row of kitchen windows, etc.
  • Add dormers to infuse a traditional touch to a modern space
  • Leave the beams exposed, but paint them a monochromatic hue to match the walls.
  • Keep the hues natural and light in shade to enlarge the space
  • White doesn’t have to be stark and dramatic – use a shade of white that is warm but still neutral with an undertone that works with the color palette of the upholstery and other furniture details.

In many ways, this home reminds me of Nancy Meyer’s interpretation of Diane Keaton’s character’s home in Something’s Gotta Give in the Hamptons, but with a more modern aesthetic without being overwhelmingly modern. Either way, I could easily relax, unwind and quickly become rejuvenated. Well done.

View the entire home and the property, as well as before and after images here on G.P. Schafer’s website. 

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