Minnie Driver’s Cottage Cozy Ranch Oasis

Mar 23, 2017

Cottage charm doesn’t accurately convey the winsome cozy sanctuary actress Minnie Driver purchased a couple of years ago in the Hollywood Hills. A 1940s ranch house which offers a large garden and intimate spaces to relax, congregate and unwind, Driver has brought her British heritage and a bit of bohemian whimsy to the space with the help of decorator Peter Dunham.

Per usual, the master bath has captured my attention. Take me to this soaking tub and let me be. Oh, how I want to dip my toes, my body and my being in this oasis. Don’t you? But the beauty while in the bathroom is also throughout the entire sanctuary, from the front door accessorized with a 1960s armchair just outside the front stoop to the gazebo bedecked with a glorious chandelier. Take a look, enjoy the tour and learn more about the entire decor process and the Speechless actress here as it was featured in Elle Decor most recently.


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Images via Elle Decor

9 thoughts on “Minnie Driver’s Cottage Cozy Ranch Oasis

  1. Lovely, brilliant! So refreshing, and most likely JUST like Minnie! I love seeing homes which truly reflect the owner’s personality and way of living. Well done.

  2. What a refreshing break from all the white and neutrals! I love her use of color throughout her home. It is so warm and cozy feeling!

  3. I love love love the warm cozy feeling …just looking at the photos made me feel the charming ambiance. My favorite is her gorgeous deep soaking tub, how heavenly. It would be hard to get out. I would just srival up like a raisin .

  4. What a lovely sweet cottage with a blue door and to die for tub. Love how relaxed it all feels. Like a little retreat in the middle of the hills. Lovely post!

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