A Neutral, Rejuvenating Space to Call Home

Apr 12, 2018

A home that combines modern with comfort, rustic with simplicity, is a home I tend to be drawn to. Wanting a home with open spaces, yet private sanctuary with luxurious finishes, walking into my sanctuary each day is a place I go for renewal and relaxation.

In each of the interior designed homes by Kate Marker Interiors, her aesthetic is fresh, yet personal, as well as everything shared above. The interior design firm, led by Kate Marker which began in 2007, is located in Barrington, Illinois, and as you will see in the glimpses I have included here with their Ginko Project, each of their projects offers beautiful inspiration for combining neutral hues with signature color and prints. And even better, you can shop her pillow and rug choices in the KMI shop.

What I love about the rooms I have selected (tour the entire home here) is the choice of neutral hues for the window coverings, the exposed beams, the arched entry to the kitchen and the simple, yet statement making pedant lighting in the kitchen. Have a look below to enjoy each room, and tour the entire house here.

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