A Restored Regal Seaside Cottage in Nova Scotia

Jul 11, 2019

Veranda‘s feature of of interior designer Philip Mitchell’s Nova Scotian seaside home has been frequently seen on decor blogs as of late, but I could not help but share as it spoke to my aesthetic tastes immediately.

The 18th century home located in Chester was completely remodeled, which took two and a half years, rescuing it from what was going to happen to the home had Mitchell and his husband not purchased it: being torn down. They adhered to the house’s original design and then decorated it using English, French and Swedish furniture. And as you will see when you view the full tour (I have selected four photos here that caught my eye), every detail was tended to and each room while uniquely its own works well as a whole.

Key Decor Takeaways:

  • Collections to communicate your story and passions – seen just below, a collection of Majolica pottery is an eye-catcher in the kitchen and is something that comes together with time and much treasure hunting.
  • Copper – use it and decorate with it. As I have discovered in France, vintage copper when found isn’t all that expensive, and it is a wonderful tool in the kitchen.
  • Add signature light fixtures – details matter and unique light fixtures adds that extra detail that makes a big difference.
  • Let in the natural light and keep it bright – naturally bright of course, but as you will see in nearly every room below, the windows are barely obstructed with window treatments, and if they are they are light in color creating an monochromatic effect.


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Images via Veranda, view the entire home and the profile article here

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