Style Inspiration: Impressive Summer Style

With summer comes playful combinations, as well as options and pairings you may not consider during the other three months. Since stepping outside of your comfort zone is part of the game it seems, indulge in this season, have fun and experiment. Who knows, you may just find something to add to your signature style […]

Style Inspiration: Sand and Cement Style

The transition from work to vacation is here, and that means maxi dresses, sun hats, sunglasses and sandals. However, we can’t camp out at the beach all summer (although it would be lovely to do so, wouldn’t it?) as work, real life and our pocketbooks need us to hit the pavement every so often. So […]

Style Inspiration: Summertime Ease

Temperatures are reportedly supposed to hit the low 90s at the end of the week, which I don’t believe I’m prepared for yet, but the weatherman did not consult me. However, that means that flowing maxi dresses, comfortable rompers, classic body-con summer dresses can make their debut for the season, and for that I cannot […]

Style Inspiration: Loose & Chic

The idea of wearing well-tailored clothing is a grand idea, but from time to time wearing clothing that drapes, hangs loose and is free-flowing leaves a woman’s shape to one’s imagination and this isn’t all a bad thing. So long as you choose the right fabric that moves, breathes and ever so slightly lays against […]

Style Inspiration: The Classic White Shirt

A classic item for every capsule wardrobe, as I suggest in this list, is the classic white button-up shirt. From fitted to loose, traditional or long, this collared, chic separate pairs perfectly for casual or more professional settings. This particular stretch version from Theory has recently taken the top spot in my closet when it […]

Style Inspiration: A Melange of Sophistication

Depending upon your signature style, you will feel comfortable in certain separates, accessorizing with particular jewelry or handbags and be more willing to experiment with certain items (shoes, tops, etc), versus others (pants, dresses, etc). In today’s Style Inspiration, take a cue from these women who clearly have figured out what works for their style […]

Style Inspiration: Bare Skin & Chic Style

The temperatures are gradually rising, and that means fewer layers and the opportunity for bare arms and legs. With inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker and Amal Clooney as well as others, each outfit this week demonstrates that a little skin is just enough. Speaking of Amal, how fortunate are Columbia Law students this spring? It […]

Style Inspiration: Australian Street Chic

Australia’s Spring 2015 Fashion Week just wrapped up last week, and while it may not be buzzed about here in the states, the street style along with the collections are certainly something of which to take notice. Tommy Ton’s street style pics always are one of my first go-tos when it comes to discovering fashion […]

Style Inspiration: Denim, Khaki & White

Three basic color options that are classic and a treat to don in spring are blue, white and khaki. Whether the blue comes in the form of denim or a chic petit print on flats as the ones above, this classic pop of color can be as feminine or masculine as you’d prefer. And of […]

Style Inspiration: Simply White

I must admit, I’ve never been one to abide by the rule of when and where I can wear white; however the difference between a warm winter white versus a brilliant fresh spring white is certainly discernible as to choose one over the other projects exactly the necessary feeling (warmth vs. fresh and new). As […]

Style Inspiration: Black & Stripes

It’s time to pull out the nautical attire. Whether a sweater, a skirt, a dress or a shirt, stripes are a staple I always love to update in my wardrobe. And of course, you cannot go wrong with black. Even for spring, having a pair of flattering black pants is always a good idea for […]

Style Inspiration: The Bag

One of my favorite weekend readings is the Life & Style section in The Wall Street Journal‘s Saturday/Sunday issue. On the cover this past week was this article which discussed the move away from the “It” bag and toward more individualized tastes and void of exterior labels. It’s an interesting proposition, but from my own opinion, […]

Style Inspiration: Outerwear & Paris

The last week of Fashion Month wraps up in Paris, and this season the street style was delicious. One of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy street style gazing is to see how fashion insiders dress for the elements while simultaneously appearing nonchalantly chic and sophisticated. And as you will see, the outerwear was stunning. While […]

Style Inspiration: A Little of Everything

From white to black, warmth to breezy, flared jeans to boyfriend length, the options for establishing a signature style are endless. And while that can be overwhelming at times as we begin the journey of solidifying what exudes our best and most authentic self, it can also be a tremendous amount of fun. After all, […]

Style Inspiration: Black & Options

Black is simple. Black is powerful. Black is ideal to as a staple as it can mix and match with anything. A khaki trench, sophisticate prints, favorite denims or chic, clean shades of white. ~STYLE INSPIRATION POSTS FROM THE ARCHIVES:  ~Black, White & Warm ~Shades of Black & Tan ~Black & White Images: (1) (2) […]

Style Inspiration: Chic & Statement Neutrals

Neutrals – the safe bet for certain chic style. And what you see above and in a handful of images below, you can mix and match with abandon, and all is well. No need for matchy, matchy ensembles, so long as everything is a neutral. Perhaps against the traditional rules, but then again, it’s about […]

Style Inspiration: NYFW Street Style FW15

Fashion month has officially kicked off in New York City and based on the images gathered below, it looks quite chilly. All the more intrigued I am to see how the fashionable dress for the weather. And I’m not surprised that they know how to make warm and chic work beautifully well together. While some […]

Style Inspiration: Tapered, Flared & Blue

A trend you will see become quite prevalent as spring collections begin hitting stores are the flared leg. Wear with heels and your leg will look miles long. However, the tapered ankle or cigarette leg will never be a bad idea. I don’t know about you, but I am getting eager for spring collections as […]

Style Inspiration: Touches & Splashes of Noir

Ah, black. The trustworthy staple whether we wear it in grand amounts or small, it can provide protection, exude mystery or simply create a stunning silhouette. Capable of being paired with absolutely everything (including navy – thank you Yves Saint Laurent for bringing this to our attention!), having a classic black dress, a black leather […]

Style Inspiration: Details, Jeans & Leather

With any outfit we pull together, it is the last touches that complete a look, and when we are opting to wear denim or leather accessories such as a leather jacket or boots, they offer a versatile palate for a variety of details to shine. How we style our hair, the tote we throw over […]

Style Inspiration: The Height of Denim

Lately, you might have noticed a return of the high-rise, denim jeans that is. And while initially you may be thinking frumpy, out-of-date, I would beg your patience to hear me out first on this style that is having a comeback for a reason. The high-waisted denim jean is a simple way of elongated your […]

Style Inspiration: Luxe & Comfort

As January hangs on, and the clouds hang low, the urge to wear comfort and stay inside is very tempting. But even if we do relent, staying stylish is always possible. From the fabrics we choose, selecting a signature flat that completes the outfit or a beautiful pendant necklace that accentuates our neckline, chic and […]

Style Inspiration: White, Black & Gray

When in doubt, choose black, white or gray. Perfect pairing partners with any ensemble or quite striking as a monochromatic outfit. For soft, clean and confident – white. For strong, mysterious and sophisticated – black. For a neutral, friendly, chic comfort – grey. But then again, what really determines the mood is the woman wearing […]

Top 2014 Style Inspiration

The weekly Style Inspiration posts continue to be a favorite of TSLL readers as they go about deciding on outfit combinations for their day, week or upcoming shopping excursions. As someone who is inspired visually, simply being able to see ideas about how to pull an outfit together is the easiest way to encourage a […]