Ralph Lauren’s French-Norman Country Getaway

Mar 02, 2017

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren owns more than a couple of homes, three in fact (Madison Ave, Colorado and Bedford, New York), and it is the 1920s French-Norman style country retreat that offers sophisticated beauty complete with the carefully tended to grounds that caught my eye.

From the Provence inspired outdoor dining patio seen above, complete with the glass chandelier hanging from the hearty limb of an elderly tree, to the Italian ceramic titled floor in the kitchen dining area, stepping into the estate would be revel in many of the decor aesthetics I appreciate most in west-European classic design approaches.

Originally built for landscape artist Robert Ludlow Fowler, Jr. in the early 1920s, the New York architectural firm Delano & Aldrich designed it, and Lauren continues to polish and tend to this exquisite getaway. Learn more about the history of the house here hereand tour all of Lauren’s homes as featured in Architectural Digest.

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3 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren’s French-Norman Country Getaway

  1. I Love blue and white and those Chinese footstools I have looked at before and seriously considered for my beachside house. Thanks for the inspiration Shannon!

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