This & That: February 23, 2018

Feb 23, 2018


12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson

Released last month, psychologist Jordan B. Peterson shares creative anecdotes to discuss discipline, freedom, adventure and responsibility to distill the world’s wisdom into 12 practical rules for life. Needless to say, I am more than mildly curious to see what he has to share.

The Food Therapist: Break Bad Habits, Eat with Intention and Indulge without Worry by Shira Lenchewski

Released last week, registered dietitian Shira Lenchewski dives into our relationship with food. Removing the judgment and offering practical solutions to the obstacles we have placed in our lives when it comes to food, she shares a guide to eating to balance our cravings as well as provides recipes to improve how we approach food which will improve the overall quality of our lives.

Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habits of Wellbeing by Eric Langshur and Nate Klemp Ph.D

Released a couple of years ago and earning the title of becoming a New York Times Bestseller, Start Here is a “Life Cross Training” for anyone seeking emotional satisfaction with their daily life. With strategies for reducing anxiety, improving productivity as well as relationships with friends, family and co-workers, the premise is that we simply haven’t been taught how to navigate successfully through the emotions we will inevitably feel as we move through life, so why not learn and thrive?

The Working Woman’s Handbook: Ideas, Insights and Inspiration for a Successful Creative Career by Phoebe Lovatt

I came across Phoebe Lovatt‘s handbook on Garance Doré, and became interested in the concept of helping creative career seekers cultivate a working life to love. With specific how-to’s, success-oriented routines, worksheets and strategies for sound money management, I am looking forward to reading this book.


Bailey Bud Vases Collection

Last weekend while I was perusing through The English Home magazine’s most recent issue, I came across these beauties and shared the shopping link on Instagram stories. There is something so simple, yet thoughtful about a single flower in a creatively designed vase. And one stem is far less expensive than a dozen or so.

Kreir Design Pegboards

Having read Remodelista‘s most recent book, I was introduced to Kreir Design and there many different pegboards. The Swiss born designer Nikki Kreir offers a variety of sizes and colors in her pegboard collection as well as other furniture. I have my eye on a pegboard for my office to hang various items, place a little shelf (comes with the pegboard) and place a bud vase (perhaps the one mentioned above) to remove a few items from my desk and improve the function as well as organization in my working space (complete with a touch of natural beauty).

Francophile Find

Alice in Paris

With equal parts playfulness and sightseeing of Paris, this short-form scripted series is a lovely show to watch. The episodes are mere singular minutes long (one to three to be precise), and with reminders of Amélie in my mind as I view it, I have absolutely enjoyed the first few episodes I have watched. You can subscribe on YouTube here or watch via your Amazon Prime account. Have a look at the first episode of season 1 (season 2 is now out as well).


Art et Manufacture Floral Mugs

There is, I am convinced, something even cozier about drinking tea, coffee or hot chocolate out of beautiful cups or mugs, and these floral mugs would not only make for a cozy experience but be beautiful shelf decoration.

~recipe for Chocolate Fudge Cake~

It has snowed in Bend! And NOAA has reported that it will continue to snow over the weekend! Yes, I am tickled. Perhaps because I know it will not last, which makes me happy as well, but while it is snowing, it is absolutely magical. This weekend may just have to be a mandatory “snuggle-and stay-inside” weekend with the above cake being made, more books being devoured, watching the season finale of Victoria and wrapping up the Olympics.

I have thoroughly been enjoying this last weekend of viewing the Olympics. Much inspiration from the athletes and a reminder to appreciate and celebrate good sportsmanship and comraderie as we observe the many nations coming together.

Well, it’s back to snow-covered Bend for me! Wishing you a lovely last weekend of February, and to enjoy, a few articles below on food, France, living well and much more. Until Monday, bonne journée.

~New episodes of The Barefoot Contessa on Food Network are coming! Mark your calendars for Sunday March 11th and read more about the season here.

~Knowledge can be acquired in a myraid of ways, and this posts shares 22 Unique Ways to Continue Learning Without Going Back to School 

~Saying no is a powerful skill, and saying “No” to These 6 Things is a Habit of Successful People

~Being an optimist is a choice and so too is being a cynic. Discover how to Turn Negative Thinkers Into Positive Ones

~More evidence that shifting our perspective is a worthwhile decision as it can reduce our stress.

~Travel with your pup to Paris! See how this couple did just that and did it well. Thank you to a TSLL reader to sharing this article with me.

~The Key to Weight Loss is Quality, Not Quantity, a New Study Finds . . . Well, I must say, I am not surprised and couldn’t agree more!

~Sharon Santoni of My French Country Home had the opportunity to travel on the Orient Express. Take a look at her beautiful images and the reason for the invitation.

~Travel to Provence any time soon? Discover three beautiful villages to visit here.

~And yes, you did hear correctly, The Queen, did attend a fashion show this week in London and she seemed to enjoy yourself, and even make Anna Wintour chuckle.

~The topic of focus in this week’s Letter from the Editor for subscribers “Weekly TSLL Newsletter” aligns with another great video from Marie Forleo. Be sure to have a look, and if you aren’t already a subscriber to the weekly newsletter, have a look here to find out if you might want to be.

9 thoughts on “This & That: February 23, 2018

  1. Thank you so much for the Alice In Paris link. I’ve had a lovely morning being inspired and seeing places I need to visit next time

  2. This post is a prime example of why I love your content Shannon. So much fun.
    I can’t figure out the Alice in Paris, I’m not sure I “get it” yet 😉 or understand the genre.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Molly. Alice in Paris is a bit different in its presentation, but its intention and energy is lovely and in homage to the city so many of us love. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the little Parisian snapshots- light-hearted and fun (and the first ever YouTube channel i’ve subscribed to)…If i don’t have time in my day to watch that, then something’s wrong 😉
    Thanks for the introduction Shannon!

  4. Merci Shannon.Alice in Paris is a lovely little film. You are right -shades of Amelie ( have watched that film so many times). Just subscribed to the you tube channel. Another petit plaisir 😊

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