Top 10 Decor Inspiration Posts of 2018

Dec 26, 2018

Daring to dream is never a bad dare to accept. After all, what we experience in our day-to-day lives, during our travels and while perusing through favorite abode magazines, blogs and books is a navigation of discovering what speaks to us, what makes us feel at home and an understanding of what we can appreciate from afar without spending the money and errantly bringing into our homes.

Increasingly, I am drawn to decor that tells a story, but that is also well made and will last. This realization is most likely not surprising considering the premise of living simply luxuriously, but I was especially reminded of this decor truth for myself while traveling in France this summer and returning home to my parents’ (aka my childhood) home over the holidays. Nearly each of my experiences enabled me to stay in homes situated in the countryside, where the items were an eclectic, thoughtful composition of the lives that have lived and live in the space.

I know there are many gorgeous homes in which the new furniture elevates the space, and often bringing in a new piece, as I have done as well, is a statement in and of itself. Therefore, it is a combination of old, new, journeyed and youthful furniture creating a space that we find regular nourishment for our soul, our loved ones and our dreams to blossom.

I was especially reminded of this when I found my new-to-me mahogony “butterfly” bed frame that replaced the new (when I purchased it) Pottery Barn sleigh bed (15 years ago). The Butterfly Bed is truly a reflection of the person who resides in the space, and perhaps the other bed, while beautiful, was a reflection of the woman who didn’t quite know where, whom or what she wanted to become. Now those answers are more prevalent, and that is the gift of a patiently furnished and decorated home. (I have included the post/episode in which the bed is profiled in the list, #10).

It is my hope with each Decor Inspiration post that you find something that sparks inspiration for your own living space, and if it is nothing else than an appreciation for the talent that curated it, well, that is certainly okay as well.

Below are the top 10 TSLL Decor Inspiration posts from 2018. Simply click on the image or the link to read (and tour) the space.

10. Becoming Your Best Self – Embracing the Transformation Process (as inspired by my purhcase of the Butterfly bed), episode #234

9. A Parisian Fashion Designer’s Dreamy Home

8. 8 Ways and reasons to Display Art in Your Home That You Love to Share a Glimpse of Your Journey: A Spotlight of Austrian-based Artist Sarah Löcker

7. I Want to Live Here – A Simple, Restored Cottage

6. The French Stove to Have for a Lifetime

5. Jennifer Aniston’s Home is California Chill and Sophistication

4. Spring Cleaning to Welcome Mother Nature’s New Year! 22 Ways to Start Fresh, episode #200

3. Luxurious Living in London

2. 21 Parisian Decor Ideas from Ines de la Fressange’s New Book, episode #228

1.The Bedside Table – A Necessary Comfort

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  1. That London apartment is magnificent in its wood statement and style. Not to mention those windows! And with you travels, I’ve wondered about all the wonderful interiors you’ve seen and , more importantly, gotten to experience how they are lived in. How could you sleep!? The application of living it is such an opportunity.

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