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One of the first supermodels I can remember seeing on the pages of fashion magazines as a young girl was Frederique van der Wal. And after thirty years, she continues to emanate casual, effortless style that is mirrored in her Amsterdam apartment profiled in New York Cottages & Gardens recent issue. Enjoy the tour here and... Read More
Thursday January 19, 2017


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Wednesday January 18, 2017
With the chill of winter, knowing a warm wool or cashmere coat is just waiting in the coat closet ready to be worn is a comforting thought indeed. During the holiday shopping months with the sales abounding, I made the decision to invest in winter coats and nothing else. After much waiting I picked up... Read More
Tuesday January 17, 2017
Books —Life on Purpose: How Living for What Matters Most Changes Everything by Victor J. Stecher Now this is a book I want to read. Perhaps an even deeper and more significant benefit for living a life of purpose and clarity is that it will improve our neurons and eliminate aging ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer's.... Read More
Friday January 13, 2017
Sunday January 01, 2017
Wednesday December 28, 2016

“Thank goodness for the first snow, it was a reminder--no matter how old you became and how much you'd seen, things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.” ― Candace Bushnell in Lipstick Jungle The snow continues to fall, and from the images on IG, the snow was falling a little bit... Read More
Sunday January 08, 2017
“I have gone to [this bookshop] for years, always finding the one book I wanted - and then three more I hadn’t known I wanted.” ― Mary Ann Shaffer Whenever I walk into a bookstore by myself, upon crossing the threshold, I immediately feel surrounded by the most welcoming company. As a child I sincerely appreciated receiving a... Read More
Saturday November 26, 2016

Weekly Finds

Twenty sixteen introduced the first TSLL French Week which took place in mid-August of this past year with great success. For an entire week, two posts went live each day that were inspired by or focused on something related to the French culture. Due to the positive response from readers, the annual event will be... Read More
Thursday December 29, 2016
One skill that I am trying to improve upon is being creative with left-overs. In other words, entertaining my palate unexpectedly with recipes and dishes that it wouldn't expect without having to run to the market multiple times during the week. Last week, I picked up a loaf of whole wheat bread from a local bakery... Read More
Saturday January 14, 2017
~Meryl Streep in 1979, 30 years old~ The winter months and our skin. Depending upon where you live, the type of skincare you will need will be largely determined by the humidity (or lack thereof). The journey of my skincare regimen has been on-going and a savvy and more successful approach began in my thirties when I... Read More
Wednesday January 18, 2017
Diane von Furstenberg in her silk shift paired with statement jewelry. Emmanuelle Alt's go-to skinny jeans and pointed toe pumps. Cindy Crawford in her California bohemian blouses worn with white denim. And Emma Stone in crewnecks and color. For each individual, in time a signature style begins to be revealed. Sometimes it is conscious and sometimes... Read More
Tuesday January 17, 2017
~Equipment 'Adalyn' silk shirt~ ~J.Crew Swinging Drop Earrings~ ~J.Crew Elsie suede pumps~ ~Vince leather shoulder bag~ ~The Parisian Diet: How to Reach Your Right Weight and Stay There~ ~SHOP THE OUTFIT: ~View more Outfits of the Week here.... Read More
Thursday January 12, 2017
Ideal, picturesque, what a cottage dream entails when it dances in my mind's eye. Since pinning the New England cottage above more than six years ago, I have been looking for a tour of the interior, and finally I discovered it on Martha Stewart's website. Owned by antique seller and art gallery owner in New... Read More
Thursday January 12, 2017
Sometimes style is the vessel through which we learn one of life's most valuable lessons. Such a vessel, if indeed an accurate analogy, also reveals the accurate parallel details. Such a simple statement, Just be you, but for anyone whose self didn't align with the accepted norms, you know, as well as I, that it takes... Read More
Tuesday January 10, 2017
~Emma Stone in Valentino Haute Couture~ The 74th Golden Globes began with a song and dance number lead by a host who loves to sing and dance (thank you Jimmy Fallon!), included an unexpected glitch for the opening monologue, toss in a bit of political humor from Fallon and political straight talk from none other than lifetime... Read More
Monday January 09, 2017
Book —Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger by Peter Bevelin I know, I know. Why share a three year old book? But hear me out. Drawn to a successful philosophy modeled by successful Berkshire-Hathaway Chairman Charles Munger that was simple and full of clarity, Peter Bevelin seeks out wisdom from those who have been there. From Darwin... Read More
Friday January 06, 2017