Why Not . . . Savor Life?


From the infancy of TSLL back in 2009, the premise of living simply luxuriously has always been about appreciating the powerful joy in the everyday moments, cultivating a life of quality found within and then sharing and expressing what we discover to the world and those around us in such a way that is authentic to each of us.

Each year, my world becomes more streamlined and edited with regards to letting go of what is no longer necessary and freeing myself of what is no longer working. In so doing, the simple unassumingly powerful moments have much more of an effect on my appreciation each and every day.

Much like cleaning the mud or dirt off of our windshields, it’s not to say the mud isn’t worthy in its own way, but when the excesses in our life cloud our ability to focus, to live fully and to be able to be in the moment with absolute appreciation for the life we have been cultivating for ourselves, then we must wash it away. And when we do, the clear, crystalized view we are granted is the reminded that it is worth letting go of what no longer serves the life we wish to build.

Today, I would like to share 24 everyday events that I savor without apology and with absolute revelry each time I have the opportunity to experience them. I have a feeling many and so many more are moments you savor in your everyday as well. Have a lovely Wednesday, and thank you for stopping by the blog.

1. Walking across the threshold of your home

2. Love, smiles, kisses and unbridled energy from your pups and/or children

3. Sunshine

4. Rain

5. Time alone with Mother Nature


~TSLL Instagram, on the Deschutes~

6. Fresh flowers

7. Moments of serendipity

8. Patience paying off

9. Loose pants after simply living well and enjoying your life

10. Birds chirping in the early morning to begin the day

11. Unexpected thank you’s

12. Finding exactly what you’ve been looking for even if you couldn’t exactly describe it

13. A deep sleep

14. Savory smells wafting from the kitchen

15. A glass of wine and time to enjoy it

16. A glass of fresh, chilled water streaming down your throat

17. An engrossing newspaper or magazine article


18. A day wide open without any plans

19. A wonderful Monday to begin the week

20. A scent from a luxurious candle drifting throughout the house

21. Sipping a freshly open bag of my favorite tea or freshly ground coffee 

22. Opening the page of a new book


~TSLL Instagram: The Art of Simple Food, Eligible, The Sleep Revolution, Wellth~

23. Counting the minutes to having time at the end of the day to read a good book

24. Having another day . . . 



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