Button-Up for Fall


Buttoned up blouses in cotton, silk or a variety of different fabric blends will be and has always been in season as a timeless option for layering in work or play scenarios. There’s something about the collar that exudes confidence, the v-neck that elongates the neck and the classic formality that can be modified to suit the person’s personal style that I’ve always enjoyed (oh, and don’t forget the shirt dress!). Enjoy a dose of inspiration for finding a buttoned up look that speaks to your signature style.




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Why Never Giving Up Is a Very Good Idea

Why Never Giving Upis a Very Good Idea

"To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution." —Jo Coudert, Advice From A Failure ~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #119   It happened this summer that I stayed put but I traveled a million miles. Impossible in actuality, but absolutely possible figuratively when … [Continue reading...]

2016 TSLL French Week Round-Up


Well, à l'année prochaine (until next year), the first TSLL French week has wrapped up, but not without me sharing something I just discovered, and I couldn't NOT share with you. After all, reservations are filling up fast, and it would be an amazing experience. You may remember that earlier this year I shared in a Decor Inspiration post that Julia … [Continue reading...]

Paris, Relationships & Our Truest Selves: My Interview with Eleanor Brown


"She hadn't been the one who was wrong, who didn't fit. She had been this girl all along. It had been the place that was wrong. And now, here, in Paris, she would see herself clearly. She could see who she had been meant to be, now that Paris was hers." -excerpt from The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown   ~The Simple Sophisticate, episode … [Continue reading...]

Life Lessons from Julia Child & How to Flip an Omelette


Lately I've been reading As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto, and the more I hear her voice in those letters, the more I completely love her and am inspired to be myself. Just be myself. And so, as I mentioned earlier this week, I become more in awe of a woman who adored food, determined to understand how to cook well as … [Continue reading...]

Women’s Equality Day


Today, here in the United States is National Women's Equality Day. Established in 1971 by the U.S. Congress to serve as a reminder of the certification of the 19th amendment which came to be in 1920 giving women the right vote. It is my hope paired with the decision to continually be educated, informed and aware that equal opportunity and … [Continue reading...]

This & That: August 26, 2016


Book —The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson A lovely novel set in Stockholm intended to remind us of how little things enjoyed in our everydays have a very powerful effect on our lives is the premise of Jonas Karlsson's The Invoice. The main character is a man who loves his films and his routines, but when he receives an invoice for an unexpected and … [Continue reading...]

Effortlessly Feminine Chic


~Sportmax Epopea semi-sheer silk-crepe white shirt~ ~Isabel Marant malte wrap-effect cotton-crepe skirt~ ~Tibi Signature Silk Cami~ ~Tory Burch Miro Sandal~ ~Zac Zac Posen Eartha iconic leather shoulder bag~ ~Nashelle Ija Mini Loop Earrings~ ~When in French: Love in a Second Language by Lauren Collins SHOP THE OUTFIT: ~TSLL FRENCH WEEK … [Continue reading...]

French-Inspired California Cottage


The home I dream of living in until the day I die is a simple, petite abode. A home that is welcoming and grand in attention to detail, but cozy and intimate with charm so as to allow me to both enjoy my home and the world outside my door without a long list of to-dos. And so it was interior designer Lindsey Reid's Pasadena, California, … [Continue reading...]

Soufflé au Chocolat: Simple, Not Scary

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.16.14 AM

Like many people perhaps, I have an unabashed fascination with Julia Child. As I mentioned in this week's Petit Plaisir, Julia Child's approach to cooking reveals her sincere passion for French food, the quality ingredients, the no fuss-presentation, and most importantly, ensuring absolutely delicious flavor. And it was the sixth season of The … [Continue reading...]