This & That: No. 135


~Article to Read

~Pretty Hurts, stories in The Cut‘s series

Over the past few weeks, The Cut has shared a handful of stories centered around all things beauty. The list of articles is long, so I will let you peruse them here, but as you will see each dives into women’s complicated relationship with society’s beauty standards.  You might just want to bookmark this page as well to read over time.

~How to Defeat the Impulse to Buy 

David DeSteno writes for The New York Times an article worth reading if you are trying to step away from the excessive commercialism that the holiday season brings. As today is Black Friday, I must admit, I am staying home, but if regardless of where we go, ads, commercials and nudging can become overwhelming. In “How to Defeat the Impulse to Buy” the psychologist reveals and explores the tactics marketers use, but most importantly reminds us how we can easily avoid falling prey.


~National Gallery

A documentary directed by Fredrick Wiseman which debuted this year in Cannes takes viewers to London’s National Gallery located at Trafalager Square and reveals how this world renowned destination full of more than 2400 paintings from the 13th to 19th century should be placed on your must-visit list. Having had the chance to visit the museum myself in 2012, I can attest, it is worth your time.

With clips of the public viewing various galleries, voice-overs by scholars, scientists and curators, as well as technical information on paintings are restored and exhibitions planned, one’s appreciation is bound to grow as the connection of paintings and story-telling is explored. View the trailer below.

~Francophile Find

~Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me and Nearly Broke My Heart

William Alexander wishes desperately to become French, however he doesn’t speak French. In his pursuit of becoming a genuine Francophile successfully navigating the French culture, his shares in his book his many trials and tribulations and ultimately comes to a surprising revelation at the end of his journey.

~French Comfort Food by Hillary Davis

While living in France, Hillary Davis collected endless recipes from friends and acquaintances of meals and dishes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Sifting through all of them, her book is the compilation of French home-cooking that brings ultimate comfort. Released this past summer, Davis a food journalist, cooking instructor and founder of the well-known food blog Marche Dimanche, offers readers and home chefs delicious recipes to enjoy and share.


~Sweaty Betty Soul Yoga Tee

Even though it is the holidays, it doesn’t mean we should neglect our workout regimen, and with all of the exhaustion, my mind needs to be tended to as well. So it is yoga that I turn to, and when it comes to dressing for my classes, I turn to Sweaty Betty. Based in the UK, Sweaty Betty offers very comfortable, quality clothing. And since it is a little cooler, I always need a top over my tank as the class begins. These Soul Yoga Tees caught my eye and then kept it with the 20% off discount this friday only. Simply use promo code BLACK20 and save 20%. (multiple colors available)



~Recipe for Gingerbread Loaf with Spiced Poached Pears and Vanilla Bean Cream~

Thanksgiving may be over, but I will forever be grateful to you, my readers. Why? Today I am surrounded in my office by books to sign and ship that you have eagerly bought as you continue to pursue your very own simply luxurious life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think such a day would be a reality. Your support, your interest, your time is not something I take lightly as you have volunteered it, and I will do my best to continue to respect and honor it.

So with a pen in handle, family by my side and the mailman waiting with frequent moments to pinch myself, I will be living a dream today and cannot wait for your book to arrive in your mailbox in the coming days and weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am truly and absolutely humbled.

~Note: Signed copies will again be available to be ordered beginning on December 16th. Visit this page at that time. In the meantime, you can order your own copy of Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide from Amazon for quick delivery and reduced shipping as well as look inside and read the first few pages.

~Read the Book & Share! Active on social media? When your book arrives, and you sit down to read, take an Instagram pic and post with the hashtag #mysimplyluxuriouslife revealing how you prefer to enjoy simply luxurious moments during your everyday life. Each month, TSLL will post a Flipagram on my Instagram feed of readers enjoying the book.

But now to your weekend. If you were dining on turkey and all of the delectable side dishes yesterday, I do hope your day was exactly as you had hoped. As we saunter into the weekend, I hope you are able to find a few more moments to enjoy those you love and get excited for the holidays in a way that sits well with your comfort level. After all, not everyone, as one reader pointed out to me earlier this week, is enamored with this time of year. So we must too keep that in mind and be willing to tailor our experience based on our values, interests and needs. As for me, I like to read intriguing articles in my free time and gaze at recipes that make my mouth water, so here are a few picks from around the web I thought you’d enjoy. Until Monday, bonjour.

~Still have company around your house? Here is a recipe that they are sure to enjoy for a morning brunch – Eggnog French Toast

~Wish to improve the productivity in your day? Start it off right – “Secret to a Productive Day: Part I, My Morning Routine

~Keeping our money and future in mind, “How Much You Should Have Saved in Your Retirement Account, by Age

~And for your holiday viewing entertainment, “The Best Movies and TV Coming to Netflix This December

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This & That: No. 134


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