Women with Money: Using It to Build A Life You Love

“‘Money isn’t pink or blue, it’s green.’ She’s right of course. But my years of research and experience also tell me that we, as women, view money through a different sort of lens. And that is why we need a different sort of book.” —Jean Chatzky, author of Women with Money: The Judgment-free Guide to […]

314: Dive Deep into Life Instead of Paddling on the Surface

“The missing element of oxygen, when brought home, gives us time in which we can record the tiny, visceral, magnificent details of living. The shower after a sweaty workout, a belly laugh with a friend, the warmth of fine whiskey, rain on the roof, or a tight and lasting hug . . . Busy can […]

313: The Importance of Finding Meaning in Life: 9 Lessons taught by Viktor E. Frankl

“Man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life and not a ‘secondary rationalization’ of instinctual drives. This meaning is unique and specific in that it must and can be fulfilled by him alone; only then does it achieve a significance which will satisfy his own will to meaning.” —Viktor E. Frankl First […]

La Rentrée of 2021: A Start to A New You Like Never Before

“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.” —Oprah Winfrey Officially in France, Le Rentrée for most universities begins on Thursday, jeudi 2 Septembre 2021. For some schools, la rentrée is on vendredi 3 September. While the French have held this annual event […]

Fall 2021 Couture Favorites & 8 Ways to Apply to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Wearable pieces of art. Hours upon hours of detailed artistry, beading, stitching and eye for detail, haute couture makes its way down the runways twice a year in Paris and Italy. Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of monetary value exchange hands from international buyers to designers, and while all of this ensures couture […]

How to Begin Cultivating Your Very Own Simply Luxurious Life: podcast episode bundle #1

The gift and challenge of choosing to live a simply luxurious life requires the first test of sincere interest in doing so: you are on your own. So to speak. There is no ‘one’ way to live simply luxuriously because you have unique gifts the world needs. The combination of temperament, cultural generation, upbringing, geographical […]

A Simple Life Lived Well IS Luxurious Living, Let Me Explain . . .

“Life becomes simpler when our lives become calmer.” —Andy Puddicombe With the first sighting of the word luxury or luxurious, the collective default tends to be toward excess. After all, the history of the word, stretching back to its Latin roots doesn’t exactly have a benign connotation. The word has morphed and been tweaked regarding […]

How to Flourish rather than Languish in Your One and Only Life

“Flourishing really is what people are ultimately after. It’s living the good life. We usually think about flourishing as living in a state in which all aspects of a person’s life are good — it’s really an all-encompassing notion.” —Tyler J. VanderWeele, an epidemiology and biostatistics professor and director of Harvard’s Human Flourishing Program For four […]

7 Reasons to Watch Gardeners’ World w/Monty Don (whether you are a gardener or not)

Premiering its 53rd season on BBC’s channel Two, Gardeners’ World, hosted by Monty Don returns this Friday at 9pm. Those of us in the states can find each new episode within a couple of hours on BritBox (I stream BritBox through Amazon Prime). Late to the pleasure of viewing this long-running gardening program, as the […]

303: 33 Ways to Live Your Fullest Life, as taught by Norma Kamali

“Living your purpose will make it possible to do all the things you need to do to reach the goals you need to reach in order to fulfill your dreams, which are as big as the world and as optimistic as your mind can imagine.” —Norma Kamali, author of I Am Invincible Change is inevitable, […]

299: How to Live a Life with Less Stress & Why It’s Vital for Good Health

“The lack of meaning in our lives stresses us out, but too much stress makes it harder to find meaning.” —Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, author of The Stress Solution Yesterday, for the entire day, aside from letting my pups outside from time to time and feeding them, I wallpapered. I turned on old British cosy mysteries […]

294: How to be the Director of Your Life: 6 Key Components

“You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it!” —Steven Spielberg To live actively requires we take action. Seems simple enough, but if teaching my students as well as myself to refrain from using passive verbs versus active verbs in writing indicates anything, defaulting to the passive is happens to be a hard habit to […]

La Cornue: Why This French Stove Is the Best Fit For My Kitchen and Life

If you’re already a subscriber, please log in. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password Thank You… . . . for your interest and curiosity to explore further this particular post on TSLL. Unfortunately, you do not have access to view this page. One of two things has occurred: You are either a TSLL […]

287: 5 Things to Do to Build Healthy Relationships and 4 Things to Let Go

“We are born with a capacity to dance together but not with the necessary training.” —David Richo As soon as I read the first line in chapter one shown above, the analogy made crystal clear sense of my ignorance about relationships and how to navigate past it: I needed to learn HOW to love, not […]

10 Favorite French Cookbooks for Your Kitchen Library

A well-written novel, many classic novels and contemporary highly acclaimed novels, share a human story revealing the journey of struggle, discovery, awakening, undeserved or unwanted pain and navigation to a larger truth that humans of all generations can connect with in some way. A good cookbook, a classic, one that is and will be pulled […]

5 Ideas for Strengthening Your Courage When It Comes to Creativity

“Creativity takes courage. ” —Henry Matisse The last home I decorated, the last home I owned, I played it safe in the living room and in the kitchen (see here). I kept to beige in the living room and white in the kitchen – walls, furniture, dishes, you get the idea. After all, I told […]

15: 7 Components to Building Your Signature Style (a top episode from Season 1)

Building our signature style takes time. As well, it evolves. While some components – the best color tone for our skin, hair and eye color – may remain the same, the fit, the lengths, the necklines, as well as styles we discover and wish to welcome into our wardrobe will change. Over the years, as […]

10 Ways to Cultivate a Mental Diet that Elevates the Quality of Your Life

“I’m not so worried about the dangers of mental junk food. That’s because I’ve found that many of the true intellectuals I’ve met take pleasure in mental junk food too. Having a taste for trashy rom-coms hasn’t rotted their brain or made them incapable of writing great history or doing deep physics. No, my worry […]

The Rambling Rose for Your Home & Garden

“Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo A cottage is not a proper English cottage without a rose or two or many (but that might just reveal I have watched and read far too many British cosy films and stories ;)) , so when I decided to […]

The RHS and The Chelsea Flower Show – Enjoy from Your Own Home + 10 Things to Know

“[RHS is] driven by a sheer love of plants and the belief that gardeners make the world a better place – this underpins all we do.” —RHS guiding principle It is by no mistake that I have chosen to hold TSLL’s annual British Week during the similar annual time of Britain’s annual well-known and beloved […]