312: The New Hello, my conversation with The Confidence Project founder Tracy Hooper

The workplace has shifted in a short amount of time, largely due to the pandemic, but also prompted by many other social and environmental awakenings. Communication, civil communication, remains at the epicenter of a civil society; however, currently, a significant learning curve has taken place, and we need to keep up in order to strengthen […]

Comfort Begets Confidence

“Comfort is the root of confidence and not the other way around.” —Haley Mlotek in The New York Times Style Magazine ~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #130 Confidence is attractive. Confidence can be deceiving. Confidence is however hard to fake. But the hard truth about confidence is that it is rooted in feeling comfortable with that […]

5: Confidence: How to Gain It & Why It’s Invaluable

~The Simple Sophisticate podcast – Episode #5  First of all, what exactly is confidence? Those who exude confidence seem to have this energy or this air about them that people are drawn to. Such people are neither arrogant nor do they have low self-esteem or appear to be insecure about themselves. Sometimes putting our finger […]

Self-Confidence Aids Financial Success

{A simply luxurious life, while full of the concept less is more, luxuriates in the decadence of high quality, complementary style and an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in decor, fashion, nature and people themselves. One does not need to maintain a balance in the bank that one might associate with a millionaire, […]

Why Not . . . Exude Confidence?

Repeatedly, the confidence one possesses of themselves is noted as being one of the most attractive qualities one can acquire.  Whether it comes to attracting and holding someone’s attention in your love life, or convincing your future boss that you indeed are the one they should hire. How, you might be asking, do I achieve […]

The Priceless Importance of Permitting La Nuit Porte Conseil

“La nuit porte conseil.” A French proverbial suggestion that the night (that you spend asleep) will bring much-needed advice the next morning, la nuit porte conseil literally translates to say ‘the night is the door to advice’. While watching the documentary film The Gardener (2018), the gardener himself Frank Higginson Cabot spoke to this French […]

The Need to Let Go of Distraction

“To be creative, one should simply unwind mindlessly.” —Craig Wright, Ph.D, author of The Hidden Habits of Genius The mind wanders into discovery. Whether while we sleep and our decision making and logical thought parts of our brain turn off freeing up the hippocampus, amygdala and visual-spatial cortex to have free range, while walking (without […]

7 Décor Ideas to Add Signature Simply Luxurious Touches to Your Sanctuary, part deux

“I think sometimes people want to be so tasteful, that their rooms are instantly forgettable.” —Kit Kemp, British interior designer, episode #3 of The English Home podcast Let me begin by confessing I fell into the oft defaulted-to choice Kit Kemp describes above. In the house I owned prior to Le Papillon and lived in […]

15 Things I’m Up to In The Garden in September

The mornings while crisp, excite me each time I step out onto the front porch as the roses are in bloom, the sunflowers stretch ever higher to the sky and the hydrangeas are just beginning to turn their brilliant autumnal blush hue. The smoke-filled skies have begun to clear which means more time outside soaking […]

TSLL’s Fall 2021 Shopping Guide and 70+ hand-picked Capsule Items

La Rentrée has officially begun and looking our best for the autumnal season has jumped near the top of my priority list. Earlier this week I stepped into my closet and undertook a massive edit. Needless to say, now I need to sit down and have an honest conversation about the investment pieces I need […]

Unwanted Moments Reveal What Is Needed

Maybe this has happened to you. You long for a vacation, a getaway, even just a day away somewhere other than what you are muddling through at the moment, so you book it, you reserve it, you plan to do just that, but upon arriving, one thing or many things cause more stress and discomfort […]

TSLL’s 6th Annual French Week Final Post & the 8 Giveaway Winners Announced!

What a week! With 15 posts, eight giveaways presented, and the most engagement we’ve had ever during TSLL’s Annual event celebrating all things French, I just want to thank you for joining in a week of festivities. French Week has become one of my favorite weeks of the year to be reminded of so many […]

15 Essential Kitchen Utensils I Recommend for Everyday Cooking Success

The difference between a cook and a chef welcomes many different opinions, but when I heard Christopher Kimball of Milk Street’s definition distinguishing between the two, I took note. He enumerated a few more contrasts, but these three stood out in my mind and stuck in my memory, primarily because they make sense. Often the […]

Fall 2021 Couture Favorites & 8 Ways to Apply to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Wearable pieces of art. Hours upon hours of detailed artistry, beading, stitching and eye for detail, haute couture makes its way down the runways twice a year in Paris and Italy. Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of monetary value exchange hands from international buyers to designers, and while all of this ensures couture […]

Intuition and the Truth of Daring to Take the Winding Trail

Sunday morning and, as is our ritual, Norman and I went walking. While we often return to favorite trails just outside of the Bend area and then enjoy the reward of a croissant with breakfast and a cuppa, from time to time, I will explore a new trail just to see where it leads. Not […]

This & That: July 9, 2021

Sales for summer clothing, and a dress I just bought and LOVE, but also THE annual sale many have been patiently waiting for, a playful series all about wine, a bestselling novel in France and Italy in 2020, now translated for English-readers to enjoy as well, a new summer romance film premiering this month, a […]

British Week’s 1st Giveaway – A British Magazine Subscription of Your Choice

If you’re already a subscriber, please log in. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password Thank You… . . . for your interest and curiosity to explore further this particular post on TSLL. Unfortunately, you do not have access to view this page. One of two things has occurred: You are either a TSLL […]

This & That: April 2, 2021

Books for relaxing, for being inspired, for being informed, for sweeping you away to Paris, for helping you find your purpose and calling, a new series to sweep you back to an unknown story which took place during WWII, a film to reveal something you may not have known, cottage gardeners, a series for you […]

TSLL’s Spring Shopping Guide, 2021

Emerging into a new season after having for so long been limited by what activities have been offered to change our attire and express ourselves sartorially is a descriptor many clothing brands have posted on their homepage to welcome online shoppers into their stores. After all, each in our own way, we are ready for […]