Star Power in the Kitchen: A Finex Cast Iron Skillet Giveaway

Dec 31, 2017

“Designed for whatever and wherever life wants you to cook. Designed for life.” —Finex Cast Iron Cookware Co. 

Crafted by hand, twelve hands in fact, each Finex cast iron skillet or grill takes about 12 hours to make and is backed by their Good Forever guarantee.  And when they are complete, they offer a sturdy, uniquely classic design that will last a lifetime in your kitchen set of tools.

Made for use on the stovetop or on the grill outside, as you can see from their Instagram images above, cook anything your culinary imagination and appetite craves and desires.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Finex is offering a giveaway of one of their cast iron skillets to a lucky TSLL reader. Upon being chosen at random, the lucky winner will get to choose the size (8″, 10″, 12″) as well as the style (a skillet or a grill).

The giveaway entry period has now closed. The winner will be notified in the next 24 hours. Thank you to all who entered. Enter by Sunday January 7th (noon Pacific time) by simply leaving a comment below on this post with your email address as a means to reach you should you be chosen.

With a variety of recipes shared on their website, peruse options from savory to sweet and how to best utilize their cookware. Upon using their 10″ skillet which is one of their most popular designs, I immediately began making what I always enjoy in the mornings: eggs and steel cut oats (see images below). Simple, beautiful and well made, I am excited to welcome Finex cookware into my kitchen, and I think you will be as well.

Readers have been asking a great question. Are Finex skillets pre-seasoned and I have some very good news to share: Yes, FINEX pans are pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil. This also makes them gluten-free unlike most conventionally pre-seasoned cookware. 

~Full Disclosure: Finex sponsored the giveaway and the skillet given to me; however, my thoughts and opinions about the product are my own. 

348 thoughts on “Star Power in the Kitchen: A Finex Cast Iron Skillet Giveaway

  1. Yes! This skillet looks amazing! I am so eager to ditch my non-stick pan and switch to cast iron. Would love to start the New Year off with this something! ❤️
    Keep up the great work with SLL- your blog and IG are my faves!

  2. I’ve inherited my grandmothers skillet and use it regularly. Amazing quality. It’s been used for 70 years now. I would love a second one in my kitchen as I now truly understand the brilliance of them

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win the cast iron skillet. I enjoy your podcasts very much and notice an increasing interest in the natural way of life. Me too. Happy new year.

  4. I cook with cast iron and would love to use these in my kitchen. Thank you for the give away. Nice way to start a new year. Happy 2018.

  5. Even just cooking with something designed so beautifully as this would certainly make life a little more luxurious.

  6. Happy New Year, Shannon. Thank you so much for introducing this cookware and for your conversation with Jamie Cat Callan.

  7. This skillet is so unusual. I usually use my grandmother’s cast iron from Lodge. This would be a fascinating addition.

  8. I have been listening to Alice Waters and this would make a wonderful new addition to my kitchen and new found appreciation of delicious cooking.

  9. Our grandmothers knew best – caste iron is the best stove top skillets ever created. Large or small, they are indispensable for the daily cook. And since it is the New Year and we have made that resolution to drive past the drive-thru and be our own chef, what better way to set this in motion?

  10. Thank you for this opportunity to win! Cooking in a cast iron skillet makes all the difference. Happy New Year! Thank you for your blog, I enjoy reading it each week.

  11. My grandmother loved cooking with cast iron. I love cooking and baking because of her. I would love this piece for my kitchen. thank you

  12. That is the best looking cast iron skillet I have ever see. I love the handle design and shape. I also appreciate the fact they make it to last a lifetime and does not feed into a disposable society. Keeping my fingers crossed to be a lucky winner!!

  13. Happy New Year, Shannon! What a unique cast iron pan – never seen one with that geometric shape and handle before. Thanks for the giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. This looks look a timeless piece, one I could cook in for years and then pass down to my daughter. Thank you, Shannon.

  15. I love the artisanal aspect of these pans, because as well as being functional, they are visually stunning. and, of course, they’re made in the USA. The things I could imagine myself whipping up with one of these babies is endless….

  16. This is the skillet I’ve been looking for! Cook for a large family and have tried other cast iron skillets that di not work. If I don’t win I’ll buy one!

  17. Happy 2018, Shannon! Thank you for your beautiful blog. I never miss a post! I highly value heirloom quality cookware and this definitely meets that criteria. Would love to add to my kitchen. Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. Cutest cast iron skillet ever! Love the design features of the shapes and handles. Just told my mom the other day I needed an 8 inch…

  19. Would love to add my own skillet to the hand-me-down collection I have! I love our blog – I’ve tried many of the products you’ve reviewed, made the recipes, read a lot of the books, and absorbed the movies, TV, etc.
    I cite yours as a great example of a successful blog and look forward to another year!!! Happy 2018!!!

  20. Spending the day planning out the coming year with tools from Shannon, as I have done the last several years. Planner pages, inspiration, and recommended readings are here by my side. My special day each year.

    It would be great to have this beautiful skillet as a tool to use in meeting our healthy eating goals!

  21. This piece would be a great addition to my collection. Would give it a front and center spot on the wall. I’m sure it would be a great conversation starter on our Cub Scout camping trips.

  22. Finex pans are like something you wpuld see at MOMA– a unique mix of elegant, modern and rustic. A true conversation piece. And cast iron cooking just makes everything taste richer, more delicious. How proud and delighted I would be to serve a meal with this gorgeous American cookware on my table!

  23. I recently began cooking with a 8″ iron skillet hoping to eliminate the modern non-stick pan. I love the transition and hope to grow into other skillets. I’d love the design, it seems the handle may help to reduce the weight without losing the quality. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! 😉

  24. Happy New Year, Shannon! Love cast iron! Hot cornbread straight from the skillet with a little butter…yum! Are their skillets preseasoned?

  25. I have yet to own a cast iron skillet but would be so proud to own a skillet as beautiful as it is useful – I’ve already started thinking of the wonderful things I could make…

  26. I’ve been lusting after these finex skillets after I saw them in a cooking post a few weeks ago! They are so beautifully made.

  27. The only cookware you can anchor your boat with then cook your catch. I would be happy to have this new brand in my kitchen

  28. Love cooking with cast iron and these appear to be works of art as well as great kitchen utensil. Yes please, I would love to use.

  29. I bought myself an enameled cast iron Dutch oven for Christmas, and am ready to jump even further on the cast iron train!

  30. What a “simply luxurious” skillet! This would be a good quality addition to my cookware arsenal. Thanks for the giveaway and blessings for the new year?

  31. Good cast iron skillets are just like good friendships–treat them well and they will last a lifetime and get better with age! Cooking with cast iron makes food taste and look better than any other method! My family simply loves cast iron skillets–I’m a singer/songeriter and I even wrote a song about them!

  32. I’m using my mother and grandmother cast iron. Some of it is very old. I have one pan from the 1800’s. Would love to add another piece to what I have.

  33. The cast iron pan looks wonderful. I would love to make dutch baby pancakes for weekend breakfasts for the whole family.

  34. I’ve been wanted to try a cast iron skillet for a long time but never had the corsage to go out and actually buy one.

  35. I had no idea such a beautiful cast iron skillet existed. I think I will buy one even if I don’t win. Excellent!

  36. I love cast iron skillets! I have one that I inherited from my mother in law after she passed and it is a joy to cook with! I love how you can go from stove top to oven. It’s so versatile! Thank you for the chance!

  37. What a way to start the year. Great cookware that is can be passed on. dereck uncle john is looking
    Out for you

  38. I love cast iron. I have several pieces that I use many times throughout the week (including an oversized skillet that I inherited from my grandmother that is over 80 years old!) and would love to add a piece from Finex to the mix. Thank you for this chance, and especially thank you for all the hard work you do on the blog and the podcast.

  39. I am a huge fan of cast iron cookware! I have pretty much transitioned to using cast iron exclusively in my kitchen, and I am always looking to expand my set with unique quality cast iron. If I win, I’m going to get the 10-inch skillet!

  40. We only use cast iron griddles, dutch ovens and pans.I have some 4th generation irons.We would love to give this one a work out!
    & will give our honest assessment of your product, Thanks in advance

  41. I use cast iron on a regular basis and love how it cooks. The pieces I own don’t hold a candle to the Finex cast iron though. If I’m blessed to receive such a beautiful skillet, it will definitely be ranked first in my kitchen! Fine is definitely an heirloom quality build meant to last generations. Love the unique look as well. Much peace, love, joy and blessings to you in 2018 and thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I love cooking and entertaining. I feel most at home in my kitchen and, as strange as it may sound, have a close relationship with my cookware! I would love to start adding Finex to my kitchen.

  43. I use 60-70 year old BSR, Griswold pans. I have read some good reviews on Finex and would love to have one to add to 20 pan-pot collection.

  44. These pans look amazing!! I cook so much with my current cast iron, and just inherited my husband’s great grandmother’s 11″!!

  45. I finally got the courage and purchased my first cast iron in 2017! Would definitely love to win one of your skillets especially since our new home will have a gas stove.

  46. What a wonderful giveaway! When my mother was forced to leave her home and I had the task of cleaning out her home, in haste I gave away her mothers cast iron skillet. To this very day I have regretted that action and wondered how, how, how I could have done such a thing. So many memories went with that skillet. I would love to have the opportunity to own another one that possibly I can pass on to my children.

  47. Greatly enjoyed today’s podcast to begin the new year. I would love a cast iron skillet to add to my kitchen tools.

  48. Thank you for highlighting these wonderful pans. I love my cast iron pieces, but there is always room for one more! ?

  49. Cast iron, the original no nonsense cook ware. Treat it with love and your rewards are endless. Anyone who already cooks on cast iron KNOWS what a pleasure it is.

  50. What a great giveaway! Being fromportland area, I really enjoy supporting local makers, and since I recently started replacing all my cookware with cast iron, this pan would find its place in my kitchen and will be used often.

    Also thank you Shannon for your podcast, it’s almost meditative to listen to your voice and learn to be present, calm, collected.

  51. Would love to give a Finex cast iron skillet to my daughter, Julie, who lives in Portland AND who just told me at Christmas that she is having my first grandbaby in July!!!!!

  52. I’ve been meaning to up my cookware style, and looking for a cast iron skillet to begin with. This would be the perfect start for the new year, and my new goals of making more meals at home.

  53. What a lovely treat this would be!! I am across Finex skillets at our local kitchen store and fell in love! So wish they were in the budget!!! lpatterson412atgmaildotcom

  54. I have not cooked with a skillet like this. I seem to be seeing skillets like this about and they seem to help make fabulous meals.

  55. I have heard nothing but great things about Finex and have been eying them for a while. I currently use Lodge, but the design of Finex is so nice!

  56. Love the shape and style of this skillet! A great addition to any kitchen!
    Also, I very much enjoy the Simple Sophisticate newsletter and podcast! Happy New Year!!

  57. Having grown up in the Southern US, I took for granted that all cast iron skillets were the same. Thank you for introducing me to a way of enjoying my Southern recipes in such a unique and beautiful way.

  58. This cast iron skillet would stand the test of time! I’m now adding pieces that I won’t need to replace. This would definitely be one of them. This would add a definite touch of luxury to any kitchen!

  59. The one item I didn’t get from my Christmas List-A cast iron skillet! I promise I was a good girl last year. Thank you.

  60. My mom had a cast iron skillet for years….only frying pan she owned! Modern stainless steel gleamed over my eyes and into my kitchen, but often wondered why I never owned one!

  61. Would love and appreciate having the grill skillet or the cast iron in my kitchen repertoire. My grandmother cooked using cast iron and she always made the most with what she had. Thank you for the article and for a chance at ownership! Merci Beaucoup.

  62. I am a major fan of cast iron, and I cook in some form of it almost every day. I have all my late grandmother’s skillets/griddles–such a treasure! I’ve never heard of Finex, but the pieces in the photo above are gorgeous. Thank you for the give-away opportunity and the link to recipes. Happy 2018!

  63. I love cast iron but had to throw my last one out as it was so rusty (no really way too rusty when my kitchen was remodeled because of damage from an ice storm…) it had gotten buried in the clutter that was moved from the kitchen to the garage and when i found it a year later ugh! I miss making stew in it most. So I do hope to win. Thank you.

  64. This looks like an awesome cast iron! We recently moved and the box that had my crock pot and cast iron were lost or thrown away by accident. The agony!

  65. You’ve made me very curious! I’ve never known of being seasoned w/flaxseed oil;brilliant!! Also eager to explore the variety of uses from desserts to grilling. This truly follows “Simply Luxurious “ Living.

  66. I am banishing stainless steel from my kitchen-one pot at a time. I now have Lodge cast iron, but would love to try this pan! Cast iron is oh-so-wonderful! You can bake in it, fry in it, steam in it and other than being heavy, it is so easy and versatile. It also gives you the benefit of extra iron in your dishes! And I love the shape of this pan; an octagon!

  67. Lovely interview today Shannon, thank you for bring it to us. There were so many good points, I will listen to it again to be sure to savor all the ideas.

    The giveaway is a special treat, thank you please include me

  68. Ooolala! How I would love one of these! I am an enthusiastic cook who must eat gluten free to manage my autoimmune condition. What an amazing giveaway (and holy cow, look at the response)! Thanks for sharing, Shannon. Even if I don’t win, I might have to hint at one of these for my birthday. 🙂

    Happy New Year to my kindred spirit in Bend!

  69. I have read and heard so much about cast iron cooking and would love to try it. Finex sounds like a high quality skillet and I would be honored to use it.

  70. Thank you to Finex for sponsoring the giveaway and to Shannon for introducing me to a new company! My dad has been using a cast iron skillet for years and swears by it. I love the honeycomb shape of these pans which is such a beautiful and unique take on a utilitarian object. So artistic and functional!

  71. A gorgeous cast iron skillet! I’ve been looking or just the right one and this seems to fit the bill–I NEED this in my life!

  72. Beautiful cast iron skillet. I would love one! I use a 10 inch cast iron skillet daily, but have been dreaming of a 12 inch skillet.

  73. What a beautiful cast iron skillet! And seasoned as well – WOW! This will be a perfect addition to my kitchen. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  74. As a young girl growing up in the Southern part of the US, I watched my grandmothers and mother cook in cast iron at least once a day. These pans become better with age and use, and in fact, many families consider them an heirloom to pass down. I would love to welcome this beautiful cast iron skillet into my own kitchen.

  75. Oh my goodness! It’s a piece of art, as well as a necessary piece to have in the kitchen. It’s the right tool for a lot of jobs. Having one this size would be amazing.

  76. These guys make a great product, and I’ve had had my eye on them for years. Thank you for running a promo like this.

  77. I’ve been following them and have heard great things about their cast iron skillets. Would absolutely love to win one!

  78. It’ll be a huge bonus if I can add this skillet to my la petite cuisine. I would definitely use it to bake my sourdough bread besides using it on stovetop. Kitchenware should be multi-functional like this!

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