Welcome to TSLL’s 4th Annual French Week!

~Scroll to the bottom of the post for a round-up of all of the posts shared during this year’s French Week~ My affection for France is grounded in the over-arching premise of approaching life with the intention to seek quality over quantity in all arenas of living, thus enabling the individual, the community and a […]

French Week 2019 is Coming! (and the history of French street signs)

In just one week (une semaine!), TSLL’s fourth annual French Week will begin! And oh my goodness, what a week it will be! I look forward to welcoming you to join me and all of TSLL readers and community as we escape to France no matter where we may call home (psst – no plane […]

Paris or the French Countryside: A Beautiful Dilemma

The crowds from around the world arrive by plane, by train, and by voiture in Paris, making it the most popular travel destination of the world. In 2018, 17.95 million tourists visited the city and the region, and in 2017 there were a recorded 23.6 million hotel arrivals – an increase of 11% on 2016 and […]

253: 36 Ways to Welcome Joie de Vivre into Your Everyday Life

“I firmly believe that it’s the little things we do that eventually add up to a happy life. I am not asking you to change everything about the way you live, but perhaps to reconsider a few details of your daily routine. Remember that joie de vivre is not revolutionary —but it is evolutionary.” —Robert […]

Fun French Finds & A J.Crew Weekend Sale

Sunday morning and the rain is gently and insistently falling this morning, Norman is snuggled in and wrapping up his evening snooze, and I am thankful I have no plans to have to do anything as my French Cafe Jazz playlist bounces about the room and my curiosity guides my agenda. Which makes it a […]

32: The French Capsule Wardrobe: the 14 essentials

Let’s escape to France for a moment, at least for the duration of today’s episode. 🙂 Today’s episode is a re-airing of one of, if not the top downloaded, read and listened to episodes if including YouTube and Pinterest. More new readers learn of TSLL blog and the podcast through this episode than any other […]

12 Things That Made Me Smile This Month

As January comes to a close, I have to admit, it has treated me well, and I hope it has been kind to you as well. Nothing grand or seemingly extraordinary has happened, but in fact, it is the ease, the slower pace and cozy comforts of this time of year that have made this […]

Bonne Fin d’Année: What the French Culture Continues to Teach Me

The French culture is always teaching me something I had not known, and upon learning it, I find myself saying, “Now that makes sense. What a great idea!” Such was the case when I recently learned while reading Janine Marsh’s blog The Good Life France that saying Happy New Year (Bonne Année) is not to […]

TSLL Celebrates 9 Years Today!

“Never look over your shoulder. Never follow. Believe in yourself, but always listen. Be inspired by what you love, and who you love. Travel, take it all in, but always come home and create out of your personal living.” —Ralph Lauren It was nine years ago today that I spent an entire day walking and […]

This & That: December 21, 2018

Books ~Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life by Christiana Coop and Aimee Lagos From embracing natural elements, creating cozy spaces, making room for family, or finding your own personal charm in every space, step into 20 homes located across the United States that embody “coziness, companionship, and comfort, from an intimate apartment in […]

Why Not . . . Prep for a Fresh New 2019?

At the end of each year, sometimes it can be easy to give a nickname to the 12 months we have just experienced. It may be too simple to state that some years are growth years and others years are celebrations because there are many things that take place over the course of 365 days.  […]

This & That: December 14, 2018

Books ~The Clean Plate: Eat, Reset, Heal by Gwyneth Paltrow Perhaps you have seen Ms. Paltrow in the WSJ magazine lately or popped on by GOOP to check out her wedding photos. But even if you haven’t, you likely have hear of her mega brand and online destination site GOOP, and it continues to expand […]

Moules Mariniére: A Simple French Seafood Classic

I have found that ideas for new and delicious food is ever-present if only I keep my eyes open, and dive into conversations about food with other people who enjoy food as well.  Such a discovery occurred during my taxi ride to Charles de Gaulle airport this past summer as I readied myself to return […]

A Simply Luxurious Holiday Playlist

Yep, I have started to play my favorite holiday music, and my goodness have I been giving my vocal chords a workout. I mean, singing along with Idina Menzel, and then low with Louis and ewwing and “baby”ing with Mariah, my ears are ready for a break (and I am sure Norman’s and Oscar’s are […]

234: Becoming Your Best Self – Embracing the Transformation Process

“Heat is the element of transformation. It is was takes raw to cooked, flabby to firm. Pale to golden brown. ” —Salt, Fat, Heat, Acid, documentary, Samin Nosrat The topic of butterflies has been abundant here on TSLL blog – in 2011, What Butterflies Have Taught Me; in 2016 – The Butterfly Moment in Life: Don’t […]

What My Old French Copper Tea Kettle Taught Me

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” ― Molière I have burnt up three tea kettles in my history of loving tea which has been a mere 15 years long. No, there wasn’t a fire or any big catastrophe, but I can become quite engrossed in projects, and sometimes when I would neglect […]

228: 21 Parisian Decor Ideas from Ines de la Fressange’s New Book

Home sweet Parisian home, whether you live in Paris or not.  Ines de la Fressange is stepping into the sanctuary with her new book Maison: Parisian Chic at Home (see my profile posts of her previous style books here, here and here), and along with her co-author Marin Montagut, they are both taking readers inside […]

TSLL’s French Cafe Jazz Playlist

Currently, a weekend of simplicity is being enjoyed at chez simply luxurious. Yesterday, the rain drizzled steadily from morning to afternoon which prompted a spontaneous smile from ear to ear upon waking. After a leisurely breakfast, I attended a favorite yoga class, returned home for a bit of work tending to the upcoming book release, […]

The Round-Up of TSLL’s 2018 French Week (Giveaway winners announced!)

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” —Coco Chanel A week ago today, TSLL’s 3rd annual French Week began, and to say we had a full week of French-inspired posts is an understatement. At the end of today’s post, I have rounded up each of the them, organized by topic so you can […]

Herbes de Provence Fougasse with Crackling or Olives

The first time I tasted Provençal fougasse was just outside Gordes (sitting outside on this terrasse at my vacation rental in a lovely little quiet hamlet during apéro time (aka an aperitif) with a glass of rosé, pistachios and olives from Provence. In a word – perfect. The bread’s density offers a simple abundance of […]

222: Oliver Gee of The Earful Tower Podcast

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #222~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | YouTube | Spotify The Earful Tower podcast is hosted by Australian journalist Oliver Gee. Kicking off in early 2017, The Earful Tower is a weekly, seasonal show primarily based in Paris documenting Oliver as he learns about all things French.  Currently kicking off his fourth season, he and his […]

This & That: August 17, 2018

Books —French Exit: A Novel by Patrick deWitt A witty, noir new novel by best-selling author Patrick deWitt involving an Upper East Side widow who believes her late husband’s spirit resides in her cat, a scandal upsetting enough for she and her adult son to flee to Paris, and a journey in the City of […]