TSLL’s 7th Anniversary!

Dec 26, 2016

A seventh anniversary is traditionally commemorated with the gift of copper or wool; a fact, I will admit, I did not know until I sat down to write this post. But fittingly, the seventh anniversary of TSLL blog arrives with much warmth in my heart for all that conversations with readers and growth that has occurred (offered from wool) and a calm, yet solid determination (available with the use of copper cookware as it cooks quickly and evenly – okay, I know I am stretching the comparison a little bit, but hang in there with me) to exhibit the transformative power living simply luxuriously can manifest when we embrace a life focused on quality over quantity.

Readers of TSLL who have been stopping by since it first went live and those who have just discovered it in the past few months, the blog has evolved in large part due to your curiosity and passion to live your own life in a manner that is congruent with your true potential.

As I too am on that journey of discovery, I feel truly fortunate to be able to continue to share what I learn along the way so that you might avoid dealing with obstacles that can be bypassed, learn lessons that need not be learned by first-hand experience, and discover new ideas that you may not have come across in your everyday life but that would enliven it all the more.

I must say, I continue to be intrigued by life, despite any challenges that I run up against, because beginning with my appreciation for the two furry boys who accompany me through it all, life can and is truly magical. Ripe with opportunities, we are the pickers of the fruit that dangles from the limbs of the world. Sometimes we have to wait for the fruit to ripen, sometimes we have to pay careful attention to how we care for the tree over the seasons, and at all times we need to seize opportunities when the fruit is at its peak to be savored, but we have every capability of being the gardeners of our lives. Sure, some years can bring an early freeze, but there is always another chance, so long as we don’t allow ourselves to become discouraged.

As TSLL enters its eighth year, I am excited to share with you on January 1st what I have in store. Oh, the books that I am reading that are full of topics to enhance our lives, the daily, weekly and monthly habits and ideas I am eager to share to improve each of our everydays all the more – it’s going to be exciting.

In the meantime, the annual Top Posts/Episodes of 2016 begins today on the blog as I take the week off. Stop by each day this week to discover the top posts/podcast episodes from this past year in the following categories:

~The first new post will go live bright and early (Pacific time) on Sunday January 1st!

And a last note, I am excited to announce that I was invited back to be a guest on KATU-TV (ABC) Afternoon Live! program this coming Friday (30th) between 3-4pm, and we will be discussing preparation for a great new year. You can see my first interview here, and be assured, if you don’t have access to this channel, I will be sharing the video on the blog after the taping. Have a wonderful last week of 2016 and enjoy a few pics of my boys captured throughout this past year.

~Curious to see where it all began? View the inaugural post on December 26, 2009 here.

~Norman in the fall~

~Norman in the winter after 19″ of snow had fallen this December 14th~

~Oscar gazing at the Pacific Ocean~

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24 thoughts on “TSLL’s 7th Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary Shannon !
    I only discovered you this last year, but have so much enjoyed reading and catching up on the archived podcasts and articles , and reading your book .
    Amazing work !
    Thankyou ?

  2. Shannon,

    Congratulations on completing year seven! What a journey it has been and I am so happy to have been apart of the journey for almost the entire time!

    I look forward to continuing our “simply luxurious” lives in 2017!

    Happy new year to you and Oscar and Norman ??

  3. Congrats, Shannon. I’ve followed you for years, and you have been such a blessing to many of us.

    Please keep doing what you do… much love.

  4. Happy anniversary!! I’ve been a daily visitor for over two years now and you’ve opened my eyes so much! Enjoy your week long break and I’ll be looking forward to your New Years post.

  5. Congratulations and happy anniversary. Thank you for the wonderful podcast and blog. I’ve been a fan since the day I found you three years ago. Happy New Year.
    San Diego

  6. I discovered you blog serindipitiously about two years ago. I look forward to many more years of inspiration and revelations. Happy seventh anniversary Shannon. Can’t wait for 2017!!
    San Francisco Bay Area

  7. Happy Anniversary Shannon,

    I was looking back and I think that I have been following your blog for 5 years. I have reread many of your posts, and felt that they were what I need to hear, know or learn along my journey of life. I am excited to say that I finally ordered the cross body purse from the House of Fraser for myself for Christmas, plus my daughter used one of the discount code that you provided for a gift for me from J Crew. Thank you and I look forward to gaining more knowledge from you. I will especially be rereading your city guides before I make my first trip to NYC in Oct 2017.

  8. Dear Shannon, Congratulations on your 7th anniversary!!!
    I am enjoying one of your recommended books “amor en minuscula” ( I prefer to read in Spanish, at times) by Francesc Miralles. Please keep sharing your posts and blog in 2017.
    Happy new year!!!
    Houston, TX

  9. Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary Shannon! I have truly enjoyed reading your blog over the years and seeing how it has grown over the years. Here’s to a simply luxurious 2017. 🙂

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