Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange

Parisian style radiates an air of self-assuredness, that indefinable je ne sais quoi that initially seems so elusive, and yet at the same time almost appears simple, uncontrived, perhaps effortless.

Inès de la Fressange, the premiere model for Chanel in the 80s and currently the brand ambassador for Roger Vivier, has graciously decided to share these coveted Parisian secrets of style in her new book Parisian Style: A Style Guide which is officially available Tuesday, April 5th.

I must confess, I was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take in her tips, ideas and expertise for more than just a few months, and upon the delivery of my copy, it barely left my side until I was finished.

First of all, while the cover alone is captivating and impossible to miss with it’s scarlet red jacket and gilded font, the contents are just as creatively and vivaciously presented. With the feel of a large Moleskine journal, ribbon bookmark and all, additionally all of the photography of shops, products and destinations are by Inès, as are the drawings and hand-written lists. The the layout as well is playful, easy to read and unpretentious unlike what one might expect due to the topic at hand.

Inès has clearly taken special care to create guide for all of us who are short on time and thus sometimes imagination, being sure to help us create a style that appears effortless, yet is full of great thought.

The Magnificent Seven are what is defined as the brilliant basics that are key to creating Parisian style in any scenario.  Modeled by Inès’ daughter Nine, each of these items are demonstrated as part of a complete outfit in order to better exhibit how to incorporate exactly what she is suggesting must be in our closet:

The Magnificent Seven:

1. A Man’s Blazer
2. The Trench
3. The Navy (cashmere) Sweater
4. The Tank
5. The Little Black Dress
6. The Perfect Jeans
7. The Leather Jacket

While this may be where many style books cease in their guidance, Inès has only just begun.  For each of the Magnificent Seven she shares more ideas on how to meld it into anyone’s wardrobe, a list of fashion faux pas, a lux celebrity style idea and a hall of fame reference which in the case of the navy sweater was Eric Bompard’s cashmere company. She is spilling the beans so to speak, sharing the secrets and letting us all in on where one can acquire the look of Parisian style.

And be sure, after sharing her tips on fashion, she continues on to accessories, the five essential bags, shoes, beauty, entertaining, and home decor.

Having lived in Paris for most of her life (although not born there, further proof that one does not need to be a born and bred Parisian to possess such style), she also takes her readers through her recommended shops, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, spas, and hot spots that would take more than a few travel guides to figure out when attempting to plan their next trip to the City of Light.

It is without reservation that I highly recommend Parisian Chic: A Style Guide as an informative, delightful and forever resourceful book that I am sure to pack for my next trip to Paris and have already begun to tweak my wardrobe accordingly – navy cashmere sweater, white jeans and ballet flats – my new go-to chic outfit. Thank you Inès!

And to view more of Inès Parisian chic style, click here.

Published by Flammarion
Pages: 240
Available for pre-order at Amazon $16.10

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  1. It’s excruciating to wait for Amazon to deliver this. Courage!

  2. I know what I am buying next!

  3. I can’t wait to read this book! Thanks for sharing your review, and have a lovely day!

  4. Love her and can’t wait to get my copy – looks fabulous!

  5. This is officially one of my favorite posts ever since I started reading your blog!!! Thank you!


  6. so happy!! mine just arrived yesterday.
    planning a long soak in the tub this evening, candles lit, chopin twinkling from the speakers, and madame de la fressange et moi.

  7. That sounds so much fun for a book!!
    I kind of collect books with styling tips…I own the “Little black book fo style” by Nina Garcia and “who what wear”
    This might be my next addition 🙂


  8. Great post as always, Shannon! Loved today’s newsletter.

  9. Thank you for this list and that beautiful navy sweater should be mine (I do have one but a very fitted version).
    Congrats on the Links a la Mode – I was happy to be included this week as well.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  10. I loove this post! Parisian style is absolutely timeless….love it! The Magnificent 7 pieces have made their way into my wardrobe to stay!

    chloe **

  11. This book looks great, congrats on the links a la mode!

  12. Thanks for a wonderful review. It sounds like I need this book. It’s coming off my wishlist and into my basket.

  13. great post! I’ll definitely be looking for this! Congrats on making links á la mode 🙂

  14. I am so excited to buy this book…thank you for the little snaphots 🙂

  15. I ordered this book at your suggestion and have read it cover to cover twice in a week. A great little read! Thank you for the heads up!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have clothes in my closet designed by Ines that I purchased while living in Paris in 1996(!) that I still wear because they are timeless.
    Parisian Chic is a fashion bible…though it causes night time internet shopping.I might need an intervention.
    Mary Taylor Keates

  17. Anonymous says:

    im going to paris this spring and i have no idea what to wear. im going ot buy this book the help me find out!!!

  18. HI
    I’m quite pleased with the ifonrmation in this post.nice and useful!
    thank you!

  19. I am reading the book as well and am loving it.

  20. One of my favorite books. I’m fortunate to have a sister living in France and have made several trips to visit, including Paris most of the trips. One day a co-worker said I had such French style. She made my day.

  21. I just got this book and LOVE it. However do any of you followers of this blog know where I can get that amazing leather jacket in the book?
    Thanks and “All Things French!”

    personal email below:

  22. this makes me want to clean out all the excess stuff i have. i love the idea of having a few quality pieces. i end up only wearing a small percentage of my clothes anyway.. i’ll pick up this book to find out more.

  23. nice


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