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Jan 07, 2018

The curating of a simply luxurious life, our own, unique simply luxurious life, is one of careful and thoughtful tailoring.

If we love something, we keep it. And if we want to keep it, why not do so in a way that works best for your schedule and the life you are cultivating?

TSLL blog will continue to post its daily scheduled posts (see the schedule below):

  • Monday — a new episode of the podcast
  • TuesdaySignature Style
  • WednesdayLife Inspiration, a Why Not . . . ? post, French-Inspired, etc.
  • ThursdayDecor Inspiration and/or the Outfit of the Week
  • Friday This & That
  • Weekends — at least once a month, a post inspired by my life or events going on around the world (March — the Oscar’s; February — Paris Fashion Week; January — a new winter capsule menu recipe)

And while many readers and listeners stop by daily, maybe you have found your schedule doesn’t make that possible, yet you don’t want to miss a post, a giveaway, a special guest on the podcast or news of the upcoming second book’s release. If so, consider subscribing to the Weekly Newsletter. Unlike any other newsletter TSLL offers, the weekly newsletter is unique:

The weekly newsletter . . .

  • Includes all of the week’s post in one location.
  • Begins with a letter from the editor (me!) which offers exclusive life inspiration to kick off the weekend (that’s right, a special “post” of sorts only available to weekly newsletter subscribers). Have a look at a sample below that was sent out with a January 2018 newsletter . . .

  • Offers a more intimate look into my life that is never revealed on the blog or my social media accounts (nope, not going to show a sample here. You’ll have to subscribe for those insights 😉 ).
  • Provides advanced notice of upcoming guests on the podcast, special announcements, giveaways, discounts on TSLL products, travel plans, book release news & signings, etc. 
  • Shares the top Instagram pic of the week.
  • Wraps up with a weekly quote of inspiration.
  • Includes links to posts from 1, 2, & 5 years ago on that particular date.
  • Ad free

When does the weekly newsletter arrive? Each Friday morning (afternoon, depending upon your time zone).

After all, when we design a life that works for us, the quality of everything rises. Many subscribers have shared they carve out a special time either Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning, pour themselves a cup of their favorite hot drink and enjoy reading the letter from the editor and perusing the posts at their leisure. Perhaps you too will want to create a similar weekly ritual to look forward to each week.

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6 thoughts on “Streamlining Your Inbox? Subscribe to TSLL’s Weekly Newsletter!

  1. HI Shannon,
    Have you seen this book, “The New Minimalism:Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living”? I’m reading and loving it; very much in line with your ethos.
    Happy new year!

  2. Hello Shannon! I love following you every possible way I can! Inspired by you, I have decided to streamline and as a part of that process I have decided to switch to an email account where I can start fresh. Can I do subscribe to your weekly newsletter with that new address? I am going to use my current email account below to avoid confusions. Thank you for all the wonderful knowledge and wisdom that you share with us!

  3. Shannon, I am really enjoying the daily posts I receive from you so receiving the weekly newsletter will doubly as enjoyable! keep up the good work.

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